Who does Israel want to win the presidential election?

I have a project on what other countries think about the US election and I am finding it very hard to find an answer. Does Israel want Obama or Romney to win the presidential election and why? Do they like Obama or Romney better? I know that different people have different opinions, but what does the majority want and what is the Israeli media saying about the election? Please help,


Can you give more information than just that please? Why do they want him to win and what will they gain if he wins? Why don't they want the other to win?

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    Mitt Romney supports Israel and Obama does not. This became apparent when the U.S. State Department again refused to name the capital of Israel on Thursday, citing a vague “administration policy” that says Israel and Palestine should resolve the issue through negotiations. It appears Obama favors Muslims more than the state of Israel. The U.S. State Department refused to name the capital of Israel on Thursday, citing a vague “administration policy” that says Israel and Palestine should resolve the issue through negotiations.

    Carney Refuses To Identify Capital Of Israel Twice In White House Press Briefing


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    A question almost no one seems to be talking about: If Jerusalem is really Israel’s capital, as both our political parties still affirm (even if the Democrats do it with reserve), why haven’t we moved our embassy there? From a political perspective (as opposed to a biblical perspective), if we truly recognize it as the undivided capital of Israel, why haven’t we relocated our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem?

    Considering the fact that Jews have been saying, “Next year in Jerusalem” for the last 20 centuries, it’s no surprise that Jerusalem was declared Israel’s capital in 1950. And the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995, “passed by overwhelming bipartisan majority in both the House and Senate,” states that “Jerusalem should be recognized as the capital of the State of Israel and the United States Embassy in Israel should be established in Jerusalem no later than May 31, 1999.”

    Israel has now passed the 13th anniversary of that Congressional deadline, and yet our embassy remains in Tel Aviv (along with the embassies of virtually all other countries that recognize the State of Israel). How has this happened? As noted on the United with Israel website, “since the congressional act allows the President to implement a waiver at six-month intervals, that’s exactly what has happened every six months since 1995.”

    In July, candidate Romney declared, “A nation has the capacity to choose its own capital city, and Jerusalem is Israel's capital. I think it’s long been the policy to ultimately have our embassy in the nation's capital of Jerusalem.” And now, both party platforms have reaffirmed Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. So why not move the embassy? Mr. Obama (or Mr. Romney), will you do it? If not, why not?


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    Israelis prefer Romney.

    Obama has been extremely rude to Israel's PM on many occasions.

    It is quite clear he dislikes him intensely, and more importantly, he didn't feel the need to hide it and be civil to honor the nation of Israel.

    Additionally, Obama never visited Israel after he became president, even though it was made abundantly clear to him that the Israelis expect it.

    He made trips to several Muslim nations and told them how much he appreciates them.

    Obama has forbidden Israel from attacking Iran and protecting itself from a nuclear threat.

    He spent years in reverend Wright's church, who is clearly antisemitic.

    Obama is not very popular in Israel.

    Romney may be a lot of things, but on the subject of Israel he has been completely consistent and supportive.

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    Mitt Romney.

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