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Pick 2 receivers to start in week 6?

Brandon Lloyd, Dez Bryant, and James Jones.

Lloyd is against Seattle

Bryant is against Baltimore

Jones is against Houstan

Thanks for your help.

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    I like Lloyd and then James Jones with Jennings still out. Dez is very risky

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    Lloyd-that game's gonna be fast-paced and high-powered with offense, and the Pats are gonna get a lot of possessions because of the weak Seattle offense, so, especially in the good conditions at Qwest Field, he should get a lot of targets and a lot of yards

    Bryant-I'm not too comfortable with this pick because he'll probably have to go up against Lardarius Webb for at least part of the game, but I think his size will give him a few automatic opportunities that he should be able to cash in on. Also, hopefully he'll score a TD or 2


    Jones-the Packers' offense has been off this year, and I don't really trust anyone except maybe Green at RB to put up solid #'s(not even Rodgers). So starting one of many receivers that get a lot of touches isn't a good idea, in my opinion.

    Good luck

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    Lloyd and Bryant. They are both better players than Jones, and Jones has a very tough matchup

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