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how do i get a alaskan sea fisherman job?

Why/How do I apply?

What are the steps to getting hired?

Is it easy to get this job?

When is the application time frame (when are they taking applications)?

And when is the fishing season?

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    I'll answer your questions in the order you asked them:

    If you don't know the "why", it won't matter much "how" you apply. Just wanting the money isn't a good enough reason. Commercial fishing jobs in Alaskan waters are one of the most physically demanding of all jobs our state has to offer. If you aren't up to that, don't bother even trying. There is a reason why they consider it one of the MOST dangerous and life-threatening jobs in the world. You have to REALLY know what that means and be willing to accept the risks and ALL the hardships before a skipper will be willing to take a chance on you. The day you finally get tired of being totally exhausted and sea-sick will NOT be the day the crew takes pity on you and returns a hundred miles or more to shore just to let you off. You WILL stay on board and you WILL continue to bust your butt just like the rest of the crew that signed on with you. There are NO simple "wannabes" signed on a crew. You are in it neck deep and for the season closing or until you die, which ever comes first. Is that REALLY what you want? Why? (Only you can truthfully answer that question!)

    The steps to getting hired will first have you standing in line with hundreds, if not thousands, of other hopefuls waiting for the chance to convince boat captains they are worthy of being hired. Most crews are rehired season after season, and openings are limited. Needless to say, a captain (and his crew) will ONLY want the VERY BEST choices on their team. (It really IS a team effort!) If you can't compete, don't even waste your time or theirs standing in line. It's going to take a LOT more than sincere "want to" to impress these professionals. Experience talks and BS (beginner skills?) walks.

    It will NEVER be easy to get this job. It isn't easy to do! It isn't easy to keep! There is NOTHING easy about this job! (Still want it?)

    There is no application time frame. If you really DO have something to offer that you think these crews will want and appreciate on their team, APPLY NOW and let them know you are available. (Available usually means at the dock and ready to sail....not pumping gas in Bubbaville, Arkansas and day-dreaming about being on television with the cast and crew of Deadliest Catch.) By the way, YOU pay your way to Alaska. They don't need anyone bad enough to hire from other states and pay relocation expenses.

    As for the "fishing season"... Which one? There are several. Seasons for five kinds of salmon just passed. We have other seasons for cod, halibut, two kinds of crab, herring, pollack, etc. There is just about some kind of commercial fishing going on year round. Most crews are specie specific. You need to KNOW what you want before you'll know WHEN to want it. That means reading EVERYTHING you can on what is going on up here in Alaska regarding commercial fishing. Ignorance is NOT bliss! And getting a job like you've indicated will happen ONLY because of what you KNOW rather than because of what you want to learn.

    Good luck.

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    Have you ever visible the show Deadliest catch? They bring their ships into possibly 30 foot swells with giant metal cages swinging back and forth. I've visible a man get thrown overboard and another get hit by a cage and get knock out bloodless. Believe me, it can be a harmful job.

  • 8 years ago

    Then be come related to a fishing family by birth!

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I suggest you take another career path. You chosen one is over subscribed.

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  • Anonymous
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    First, move to Alaska.

    Close to the coast is a good idea, too.

    Learn to enjoy Johnny Horton songs.

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