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How much time for each of these ingredients in a wok?

this is for my strir fry i just don't kinow how long to cook each of them in the wok? can somebody give me a time for each so i can work out what order to put them in?


coped garlic

grated jalapeno


chopped onion


chopped chilli


grated ginger

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    Wait until wok is really steaming hot then fry the tofu first,get out and keep warm on the the little grate.Put the other ingredients in and stir-fry for 2min.That's how they do it in China ( when I was in China we went to a show-cooking restaurant one night) But that works only on gas stove.On electric stove you don't get the sides of the wok hot enough.

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    Those will all cook in 2-3 minutes maximum. You can add all together but I would leave the tofu until the last minute unless it is very firm because too much stirring may break it apart more then you want.

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    few minutes, add the onion and mushroom first, they take the longest

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