If the guy who signed my daughters birth cerficate isnt the father when the paternity test comes out what happ?

Okay well basically I had my bf at the time sign my daughters bc and now we are going to court bc I wont let him see her bc im afraid he will take off with her and he is bullying me and harassing me so I stopped talking to him and I been through more hell with this man then imagineable and he told me lastnight that if he walks into the court room he is going to say he is the father when he knows very well he may not be and im just scared bc I dont want this man in my life or my daughters bc he is manipulating controling abusive in every way possible and im just trying to seek advice. I have a lawyer and everything but im just scared bc she is the last kid I can have and I was just wondering if I tell the court he theres another possibilty if they would listen to me or him?

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  • 8 years ago
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    All you need do is tell the judge that you don't believe he is the biological father. He/she will order an immediate DNA test. If he's not, he has no legal standing; UNLESS he has been acting as the father during her life. He would need to provide proof to get visits. If he is the biological father, then he is fully entitled to joint custody as well as visits, unless you can prove him unfit. But even then, his visits would be held at a visitation center, appointed by the court. If you fail to bring the child repeatedly, you could find yourself in jail for contempt. BTW, if all you've got is that he's sleeping around; you've got nothing. Adultery is not a crime.

  • 8 years ago

    You need to determine if he is the Father or not....if he is, he has a right to see his daughter.

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