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Questions about Canada?

I am planning on moving to Canada from Florida, USA. Can a handicapped person apply for citizenship and health care? Does Canada have SSI like the States, can you recieve American SSI in Canada? Please tell me anything else you think might help me and about Canadian life.

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    Not going to happen.

    You can't just move to Canada. It has immigration laws. As a US citizen you may visit Canada for up to 180 days each year. You may not attend school, work, or look for work while visiting. You may also not apply for a driver's license, obtain health insurance, open a bank account, enroll children in school, etc., etc.

    If you wish to live in Canada, you would need to apply for permanent residency. In order to even apply, you must meet the requirements under one of the categories. This means either immediate family to sponsor you; a highly skilled job offer (doctor, engineer, nurse, specialized trades, etc.) and then compete for one of 10,000 positions; have a net worth of $1.6M and invest $800k in a Canadian company; recently graduate from a Canadian university in certain programs and find work in your profession shortly after graduating; a nomination from one of the provinces (famous performing artist, top athlete, doctor willing to work in some remote location, etc.).

    Even if you could meet the requirements, you must also pass background, medical, and financial checks. Your application will be denied on medical grounds if you have any conditions which "puts excessive demands on Canada's social or medical systems". If you are worried about SSI, then you would likely also be denied on financial grounds.

    However, Canada has a national pension plan which working Canadians pay into and can collect from when they retire. It also has an old-age pension for low income Canadians.

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    You are unlikely to be accepted, as the criteria for immigrating include being self supporting, with employment prospects.

    If you came to Canada, you would immediately be accessing Federal and Provincial insurance schemes that you have not paid into through taxes. It's similar to signing up for healthcare insurance in the US when you already have an illness.

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