Psychopaths, sociopaths, narcissists?

Psychopaths, sociopaths, narcissists.I need to understand these people. How they think, how they feel. What they feel. Why they think what they think and what they can't feel and why. Will someone please explain this to me? Honestly, and plainly, without hatred or glorification. I need to understand everyone. Because I like people. And I need to know how they feel. I can often pick up on how people feel, but this category per say, I have difficulties understanding. Is it something they can help?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Psychopaths are remorseless, lacking empathy, and without conscience. Sociopaths are the same. Narcissists are bordering on psychopathy,but do have the capacity for remorse (even if only temporary and self-justifying) as a result of having some conscience (although it is not deeply embedded in the same way as it is in a fully functioning personality).

    Basically, personality disorders are on a spectrum. Within each disorder, there is variation. So, for example, one psychopath might become a serial killer, while another might become a politician.

    If you're interested in this kind of thing, read the book 'Snakes in Suits'. That's a good introduction on psychopathic behavior in the workplace. There are also a ton of blogs out there for people who have survived relationships with both psychopaths and narcissists (whether as parents, lovers, or friends). Those will give you a lot of insight.

    Just remember one thing - if you are coming up against someone without a conscience, don't expect to win. You need to walk away, and, if your life might be at stake, make sure you have enough evidence left behind to make sure that they are caught after your demise. Not kidding.

    Source(s): Personality disorders are most likely a result of early traumatic and dysfunctional child-rearing. They are considered incurable, and all are onset before the age of puberty. Medication doesn't help.
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  • 7 years ago

    Everyone is somewhere along the continuum.

    It is not as if there are 48% blue people and 2% bright red.

    It goes from blue to red with most people some shade of purple.

    The nicest person you know can become a psychopath at times. You probably know this and know you have acted like a psychopath a few times in your life.

    As a test, ask a dog owner how they would feel if someone hurt their pet on purpose. The answer you hear will come out of the mouth of a temporary psychopath.

    According to an expert I heard once, the only way to deal with full time psychopaths is to avoid them.

    More advice, do not say anything about any person's dog let alone touch it.

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  • 6 years ago

    I can't speak for all of us. I know sociopaths, psychopaths, & narcissists who are very different from me & each other.

    I am a sociopath. I can feel emotions, but only basic ones. I have no emotional depth. You can feel 4x the emotions I can. For example, while you can feel anger, hostility, annoyance, frustration, agitation, irritation, etc I can only feel anger. It bothered me (& those around me) when I didn't understand how slightly annoying things either did nothing or made me extremely pissed. I cannot feel annoyed. I can only become angry.

    Since I became Christian, I have felt conviction. But I cannot say I feel remorse. I've felt remorse twice. Other than that, I feel self reliant, don't trust anyone, hide who I am, use my manipulative traits at work or to make new friends, & am very possessive. I feel possession more than "love". I want more than I care about.

    I also think I'm awesome so it's hard to trust God. I like being a sociopath, which sucks. I wish I wanted to

    Source(s): It's the thorn in my side- being a sociopath
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    7 years ago

    Go to the library, you will not get a well rounded answer to these complicated personality disorders on R&S.

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    You called?

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