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How many bums and cans UFC will feed Anderson Silva?

There are :

Jon Jones, Anderson won't fight him, they are friends

Shogun Rua, Anderson won't fight him they are friends

Texeira, Anderson won't fight him they are friends

Phil Davis, Anderson won't fight him they are friends

Lyoto Machida, Anderson won't fight him they are friends

Rashad Evans, Anderson won't fight him they are friends

Weidman, Anderson won't fight him cause he lacks of experience

Michael Bisping, Anderson won't fight him cause he doesn't deserve it.

Damn how many bums like Bonnar, Griffin, Maia and Franklin this man will fight with? Now Anderson wants a little dude named GSP. Come on man, Anderson is great but they feed him bums to look even better, that's not fair.


XL, you know how many losses Bonnar and Sonnen have combined? 20 losses..........if that's not bum to you then ok. These are the type of fighters the so called "Greatest" fights with

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    Silva GSP is a ridiculous matchup. Silva would kill GSP. He is way to big for him. Silva vs. Jon Jones makes much more sense.

    Bonnar looked good until the perfectly placed knee from Silva. Bonnar was winning the round.

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    I can agree to an extent. I really would've liked to see him fight JBJ, and Shogun maybe.

    He did beat Hendo, Belfort, outclassed Rich Franklin twice, completely embarrased Griffin who in turn beat Rampage, and a handful of other guys who are considered good fighters. Calling them bums isn't really fair.

    There's no way he'd lose to Rashad, and Rashad beat Phil Davis. I don't see him losing to Machida or Texeira either.

    I think you're selling him short, if he had fought Rashad, I'm sure you would've included that as one of his bum fights.

    He's a fantastic fighter, not just in that he beats anyone they put in front of him, but in the fashion he does it. It's a shame the middleweight division isn't more competitive though.

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    Either you are a troll or a pure Silva hater, jealous because of his success. Friends with rashad evans? LOL no they are not, Rashad evans was thinking about moving down to middleweight to face him. Vitor belfort was a can? Chael sonnen was a can? You're an idiot, anybody who's earned their way up to a title shot is NOT a can, they deserved and earned the opportunity to get that shot. A can or bum would be someone who always loses very easily.

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    Watching Anderson Silva is so predictable because he's so darn good, I want to see him against Jon Jones or maybe GSP but rather see him and Jones.

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    They aren't bums, Silva is just above their league.

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