Suicidal, can't accept myself as a lesbian?

I couldn't be more unhappy. I'm convinced I'm gonna go to hell. Just a while ago I was fine, but I just hate myself and I can only think about selfharm. I can't talk to my parents about it cuz I don't think they'd be happy, and I don't really have friend's I can talk to about it. I can't stop crying and I'm just so mad at myself. I went to my first GSA meeting this week cuz I wanted to meet other kids who'd understand me. I lied to my mom, saying it was something else. I can't do that again, and I also feel bad about lying. How can I convince my mom to let me go to it? I'm just so unhappy. I honestly can't stand myself. I don't want to have to change. I want to be exactly the way I am and just be accepted for it. I just don't know why it is the way it is. I just can't take it anymore. I'm only 15. Please what should I do?! Thanks

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    8 years ago
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    I am transsexual, I don't think I will go to hell, and I really doubt you will either.

    There is no proof that hell even exists, so don't worry just now. And anyway, I am friends with some lesbians and they are such nice people. God doesn't care if you are lesbian, bi or gay, what is important is that you are a good person and you love God.

    The reason you are lesbian is down to a biological cause, I'm not exactly sure on how, but I do know that is a biological cause. Remember, don't be a sheep. Live and let live, don't do what is expected of you just cause society says so. Life is for living, be happy, get yourself a girlfriend.

    You are 15 now, a few years you are 18, and by which time your parents can't do anything to stop you from being who you are. I think you should tell your mother that you are lesbian, if she disapproves but doesn't disown you then you are just gonna have to ignore her.

    If she disowns you for being lesbian then you should try tell someone else, ask a friend or another family member if you can stay with them.

    My family have known I was transgender for a few years now, they were accepting, lucky for me.

    Some people think being transgender is worse than being gay, they are like "ok if you like the same gender then that's ok but it's another thing to want to change sex"...

    But anyway good luck, also, you don't HAVE to come out the closet, there are some anonymous homosexuals that stay in the closet but still go on to live happy and healthy lives. Your choice if you want to spill or not. :)

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    i'm so sorry, honey. no man or woman benefits to go by this. i recognize how puzzling it really is to experience like you do not belong and to experience ashamed of your sexuality. yet you recognize there is not some thing you may do to modify it. each person who thinks it is incorrect or thinks a lot less of you doesn't should be on your existence. I recommend finding out a internet LGBT help crew, or maybe attempt to discover one on your area. See in the experience that your college has a gay immediately Alliance or yet another LGBT crew. confer with a counselor at your college, they're there to assist. in simple terms recognize that there are distinctive those who care about you. you're loved. you're worth. seem for the individuals on your existence who settle for you.

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    8 years ago

    Understand that there are people in this world that are hateful and bigoted. Some people will hate for almost any reason, others like to put other people down to make themselves feel better. It's how things are. You can deal with it, or do what you are thinking about doing in your title. You are going to meet people like this all throughout life, but you didn't mention that you are being picked on or anything for being gay, so what's the problem, the fear of it happening? Get over it. There's nothing you can do but ignore it and go about your life.

  • 8 years ago

    I used to think this all the time because my mom is so against my sister being gay and i was afraid if i ever told her shed hate me but eventually she found out and i couldn't be any happier trust me tell your family and your friends when you're ready you never know if your closest friends could be gay and you'd never know trust me everything works out n no your not going to hell.

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  • 8 years ago

    You shouldnt be mad at yourself you should be proud of it and be happy, it was hard for me too, at first i couldnt accept me being lesbian, but at some point i found myself happy to be lesbian, so you should be happy, if you still feel upset you can email me:

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  • Mr K
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    8 years ago

    I've always found lesbians and bisexuals to be very warm, kind and caring. Why would you not accept yourself as one?

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