Can you please name all the England explorers?

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    Thomas Alcock (adventurer)

    James Alday

    Laurence Aldersey

    Pelham Aldrich

    Boyd Alexander

    William Allen (Royal Navy officer)

    George French Angas

    Michael Asher (explorer)

    Edward L. Atkinson

    Tom Avery


    Benjamin Herschel Babbage

    William Baffin

    Thomas Baines

    Robert Baker (explorer)

    Samuel Baker

    Valentine Baker

    William John Bankes

    Joseph Banks

    Charles William Barkley

    Arthur Barlowe

    Edmund Musgrave Barttelot

    Henry Walter Bates

    Andrew Battel

    Frederick William Beechey

    John Beecroft

    Julius Beerbohm

    Charles Tilstone Beke

    Gertrude Bell

    Steven Bennet

    George Best (chronicler)

    Francis Howard Bickerton

    Joseph Billings

    Thomas Blakiston

    Gregory Blaxland

    Andrew Boorde

    Charley Boorman

    Christopher Borough

    Douglas Botting

    Thomas Edward Bowdich

    Julius Brenchley

    John Brereton

    William George Browne

    Frederick William Burbidge

    William John Burchell

    Joseph Burke (botanist)

    Richard Francis Burton

    Alfred Bussell

    John Bussell

    Dan Byles

    John Byron


    George Caley

    Verney Lovett Cameron

    Donald Campbell (traveller)

    David Carnegie (explorer)

    Thomas Cavendish

    John George Champion

    Richard Chancellor

    Robert Ernest Cheesman

    Alfred Cheetham

    Apsley Cherry-Garrard

    Charles Clerke

    James Colnett

    James Cook

    Peter Corney

    David Cornthwaite

    Augustine Courtauld

    Julian Crabtree

    C cont.

    John Cranch

    Allan Cunningham (botanist)


    Robert Dale

    William Dampier

    John Davis (English explorer)

    John Davis (sealer)

    John King Davis

    William Dawes (Royal Marines officer)

    Gerald de Gaury

    Dixon Denham

    George Dixon (Royal Navy officer)

    Thomas Doughty (explorer)

    Francis Drake

    Robert Dudley (explorer)


    Thomas Edge

    Adam Elliot (traveller)

    Edward John Eyre


    Thomas Falconer

    Percy Fawcett

    George William Featherstonhaugh

    Edward Fenton

    Richard Ferris (adventurer)

    Ranulph Fiennes

    Ralph Fitch

    Matthew Flinders

    Ben Fogle

    Rosita Forbes

    Luke Foxe

    John Franklin

    Martin Frobisher

    Vivian Fuchs

    Tobias Furneaux

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    As the guy (or woman or chick or boy or girl, dunno) above me showed, there's a load of em. Sir Francis Drake is the most famous - but he was more a privateer. He helped defeat the Spanish Armada and was close to Elizabeth. He also circumnavigated the world, I'm pretty sure, which was huge back then.

    Then there was John Davis who helped map out the Americas, most famously the Falkland Islands, which stayed in English control for centuries, even to this day.

    I know there are other famous ones ( like one who explored the sea around Canada to look for a non-existent northwest passage up there - can't remember his name), but can't remember em right now - sorry.

    the person above me was way more thorough.

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