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T J asked in SportsCricket · 9 years ago

Cricket-With regards to ur cricket career,how have u turned out as a user at YA,since we r all cricket fans?

(1) YA gave me a chance to express my knowledge & feelings about cricket, with cricket fans like myself.

(2) I was a club level cricketer, gave up going too far ahead of myself, when I saw the limited no. of chances people get to make cricket as a career option. Yet I loved cricket madly & still do but was mediocre, hence didn't go too far.

I am happy to say that only one of the contemporary guys, against whom I played as a youngster, got to represent team India at international levels. Very happy for him.

(3) See many sensible users but they look better due to their command of the language. Were you a good cricketer or you are a better user at YA or even both, nothing wrong in doing both in a good manner.

(4) Then see some absolute trouble makers, who have nothing to do with cricket. Then get to see some sensible youngsters, who are still playing cricket & participating at YA also.

How do you consider yourself as a user, category (4) are you really achieving what you set out to do and is it really needed here.

(5)I like this new young breed, which has good sense of humour & they take on abusive posts in their on way, with humour. Wish I could also imbibe their S-o-H but like many others, I am beyond that but happy to see banter, though its in a very small quantity.

Pl share your views, as honestly as possible, we are here to talk about cricket, have your say pl..

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  • Jezz
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    9 years ago
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    Growing up in Western Australia I played cricket in the Summer and Footy in the winter.

    As a youngster I liked football more than cricket but from my early 20's cricket has been the number one sport for me. I go to one international match/game every year at the WACA and hope to attend a packed house at the MCG before I die :)

    I don't visit YA much these days and have been put off by the lack of good questions and trash talk that pollutes this section.

    I haven't played club cricket since the late 90's but go down to the local practise nets with a few mates and cold beers every now and then. In a funny way my cricket career is on par with my YA participation :)

  • ?
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    9 years ago

    Ever since I was little I loved cricket and I only joined YA about half a year ago (7 months ago),My mom didn't let me use the internet untill I was 14 + so had to wait for a long time to participate in these kind of sites.TBH I don't remeber how I got hear first,I think I might have searched for something cricket and ended up here but now I really love this place.When I'm board I just come hear and it makes me happy and also by YA I have made so many Overseas pen friends and I love YA : )

    Haven't played cricket but played for the sports meet in school for my house team,It was fun but I know that I can't play cricket..I just love to watch it.

  • 9 years ago

    I never played cricket at the professional level, I'm more into Chess and have participated in national level tournaments. Although my performance was *cough* humble, but I'm still working on my game.

    I used to play cricket with my friends at the India Gate, every Sunday...almost hundreds of people gather there and all of them are very passionate about their game. There aren't any biased opinions there, people genuinely appreciate a champion like effort, even if it came in a match against India. I'm sorry to say this, but this "cricket section" is more about teasing and sometimes mocking other nations rather than talking about cricket. I have participated in other cricket discussion forums and the atmosphere over there is more friendly.

    Hopefully things will change. India is a young nation, probably more and more young guns will bleed blue in the cricket section, soon.

  • Julian
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    9 years ago

    I have only played cricket in School level and stopped it several years ago as I had do go on with studies.

    Of course, One of the reason I joined Yahoo Answers cricket section as it gave me a chance to share my knowledge with others and also helped me to expand my knowledge of cricket as well.

    Off topic - Did you feel guilty for the decision of not continuing cricket? You mentioned that few of the people who trained with you got chosen to the national team so you cannot possibly feel 100% happy, am I right?

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  • Albert
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    9 years ago

    My NO.1 Favorite Sport.(Feelings About Cricket).

  • Bill P
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    9 years ago

    Always enjoyed cricket. I played at school and in Sudney and country club cricket. I was a useful leggie and batted at 9,10 or jack. Used to enjoy the Hill at the SCG when it was a hill so you can see why some of my answers are on the cricket conservative side. Humour can be hard here, if taken the wrong way, its a report. I save most of my humour for my uni discussion board.

  • 9 years ago

    My cricket career was restricted to backyard in the summer and indoor cricket for a few years back more than half my life ago at school. I was a bit of a David Warner type batsman I.e try to hit everything for four or six and more of a Colin Miller type bowler (could bowl medium pace and spin).

    I think in some ways to trolls I can be like I was as a cricketer at school I.e. hit trolls for six and spin their words around on them to hit them when the words come back to bite them in the butt. I also always give 100% effort in everything I do in regular life which cricket was no accepting and answering on here when it comes to genuine questions I also answer properly.

  • ?
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    9 years ago

    Without going into detail on every Q I never played cricket outside school but I have followed it all my life due to my fathers initial encouragement.I came to YA to ask some help in locating a particular orchid & was overjoyed to find a cricket section here.I have made some very good friends here and learned a few things.As for the trolls I try to ignore them but at times I resort to giving as good as I get.One thing disappoints me,not everyone understands the English & Australian sense of humour(or Kiwis for that matter) I see some very funny answers to trolls Qs at times.I noticed during the recent T20 WC we had lots of actual cricket Qs and that was good.I would love to see many of the decent users of 5 years ago back here, such as Dave Sullivan,Cossy,KooKee,Kiwijoey(he does pop in occasionally) Brissy,Quandary,Damo,Asterix,Mitch,Rise From The Ashes,Crickeys,Ryan,Slipper,Marco,ph,


    & many others.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    It's just an internet forum where people spend time when they are bored or in my case ,have nothing to do all day except teaching 4 hours of Physics.I wish I could teach more ,I get tired quickly now and my hands start shaking after 2-3 hours.

  • Adarsh
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    9 years ago

    Cricket has become something very important in my life,a part of my life.I just can't live without cricket.Its almost like I was born with a bat & ball in my hand.I remember playing cricket with a small bat ever since I was a small kid,like a 3-year old.It was only due to the cricket fever which was there in my family that made me to follow it.Just like I have been playing it as a young kid,I have been following it with equal madness.

    My childhood goes beyond the memories of Sachin quitting as captain & Ganguly taking over it after the match fixing scandals of jadeja & azharuddin when I was just a 5-year old.I also have memories over Sourav Ganguly's 141* against south Africa in 2000 where he remained unbeaten in 50 overs of Indian innings where India ended up posting 299 & bowled out RSA for less than 200.It must be from rather that day did I become a huge fan of Sourav Ganguly.

    I can remember the days where Sehwag & Yuvraj came into the side.I remember the Match where Sehwag scored 100 in 76 balls against NZ,probably the innings which created his career.India's chasing of 326 against England in Natwest series 2002,the match where ganguly removed his shirt is one of my best memories I have in cricket,during which I was just a 8-year old.I remember that India had lost 5 wickets for 126 after which Yuvi & kaif created a match winning partnership,Yuvi got dismissed at 67 when score was 267/6 after which Kaif carried it on.

    ICC 2003 WC was one of the greatest days India had in cricket,& I remember every match which India played starting from their 204 all out vs holland which was their first match.I remember the century scored by Sourav Ganguly in semi-finals against Kenya & it's ironic that it became his last century in ODIs ever..It was ganguly who ended as second highest run getter in that world cup behind Sachin.

    My cricket crazy life in a cricket crazy nation continued & it's been a big part of my life,something without I can't be with.I can't express how disappointed I was when India failed to even make it to the super 8s during 2007 WC which what I call as biggest tragedy of Indian cricket.& I had been a good cricketer myself,played a lot of cricket beyond my age at the school level,i lost its practice for 3 years in b/w,now I am still continuing to play cricket at the college level,although I can't take it too far.I still regret in me always that I could had created my own cricket career if I had got much more support from my family(who made me to give more interest towards my studies)..

    & coming into yahoo answers has given me a chance to create many friends & express my opinions & feelings about cricket.I was a regular y!a user during 2008,& I left it for more than 3 years,thanks to my schedule,but now I'm trying to appear here on regular basis.But I see a lot of changes over here than when I was here during 2008.I miss all my old friends who have left,many of them whom I wish would come back.People like CJ randhawa,somdyuti,Rahul rocks,Rough,Kookee,Najna,anwesha,deeps,Kinney,poison ivy,Amit,Ben,Tears nafeez, Brishty,Rehman,Mitch,Trio,Conquest4ever,Sarah,Indian princess,dada the Phoenix of cricket,one in a million,cool manu,saare jahaan Se achaan,asterix,livelife, & a lot more other users whom I m missing a lot..!!

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