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Can someone explain Argo to me?

I heard of the new movie that's coming out called " Argo " about the Iranian Hostage Crisis. And I heard something about CIA agents faking a movie to rescue 6 hostages. I'm very confused, though. I read many articles saying that there were over 60 hostages taken and that they were released 444 days latter and they said nothing about a fake movie to rescue them. Can someone explain this to me?

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    *************Spoiler Alert********************************************

    The film "Argo" is about 6 American that sneak into the Canadian embassy, after the US embassy is taken over by Iranian protestors. A fake film is the way they are rescued. Each member is given a role- director- producer etc....... To make it believable to Iran, the Americans actually make a lot of real things for the movie. Publicity campaigns, magazine articles, movie props and actors. Ben Affleck is sent into Iran with passports and he is to train these 6 people into their roles. They then have to pass through strict security and try to flee the country before the Iranian's catch on to what they are doing.

    The remaining hostages that were released 444 days later, were the result of President Ronald Reagan. When he was elected, he wasn't as passive as former President Carter- who couldn't get the hostages out.

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    d.d is wrong in almost every respect.

    First, the 6 people that were rescued got out of the American Embassy just before it was taken over by the Iranians.

    Second, Reagan did absolutely nothing to get the hostages released. The Iranians released them on the first day of Reagan's presidency because they chose to do so. In their eyes, they had brought down an American President. Do you really think mere words from someone not even in power, yet, would scare them? If you had been the Iranians, would you really knuckle under to the Americans that easily?


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