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Causes for random facebook cookies deleted?

My dad went out to get some coffee for about 15 mins. When he got back he went on facebook and his facebook told him that his computer wasn't named for that account. He says this is because cookies have been deleted and is accusing me of deleting them on his computer. I didn't use his computer! I try to tell him there must be a mistake but he doesn't care. He says he KNOWS what must have happened, even though I KNOW I didn't touch his computer at all. He now thinks I'm a liar. I need help! Any reasons for what happened?

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    it's possible someone else besides you accessed his computer and deleted cookies, but if the cookies were deleted, his facebook would have been logged out

    was he logged out or not?

    if not, then there is something else going on... there is a chance that he has an app added that is posting as him, a malicious app that needs to be removed

    it could also be a malicious browser extension

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    Internet explorer is a very poor excuse for a web browser. I'd suggest you switch over to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

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    my face eats cookies and go down to my recycle bin

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