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Is the FNH P90 sub machine gun reliable/durable?

I'm not an expert on weapons, but I'd like to know if the P90 is reliable/ durable under abuse, excessive use and other extreme conditions.

Does it jam? If yes, how often and why? Is it easy to field strip and clean? Can I drag it through mud, sand and water and expect it to work?

I play a lot of Battlefield 3 and I also have an interest in weapons in real life so I'd like to know if the P90 is a good weapon to go with if say, a zombie apocalypse or something happened.

Although a SCAR-L or H&K 416 would be my first choice and I usually wouldn't go with SMGs for their small and delicate parts leading to an inability to field strip & clean them.

Thanks in advance.

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    Hi, the gun is of amazing quality the rounds are only manufactured by 1 company (FNH). The fact that only 1 company makes the rounds means that you have a decent quality control. The gun typically is not going to jam ever as long as minimal required service and care is made. Obviously if the gun is subjected to severe conditions that it is not designed to overcome it may have some issues but the reality is this gun is usually used in cleaner environments than nato guns. It does not fire a nato round so this gun will not see use in a war. It is mostly for swat and anti terrorist units. Dallas Swat uses it as well as Jacksonville and some of the other top US Swat units. The sister gun to this is the Five-Seven I own the pistol myself and it has never ever jammed. The round shares the same bullet as the AR-15/M16 as it is a 223 dimension this means that a silencer that can be used on an M16 can also be used on a P90 so long as the fire rate ratings are good enough and so long as the threads or bayonet lug system attached are identical.

    The gun is also ambidextrous which allows swat units to use the gun in the other hand when going around an opening the opposite direction as favored. Meaning right hand for left turn left hand for right turn.

    So its an awesome and well liked gun just wouldn't be used in most the situations you see it in video games.

    Its very expensive as well. Also its semi auto version is pointless and garbage. Get an AR-15!


    As for people talking about the lethality of the round? There is sufficient data showing that the most effective handgun caliber in self defense is the .38 and that the 2nd most effective is the 22lr. The reason being is that when you pull the trigger you hit the target and when you pull the trigger again you hit the target again. Not the case for a .45 now I know all you big johnson .45 conceal carry guys are saying well I can follow up with my .45 no problem. Well good for you because the rest of america can not and that is proven. So for some reason all those americans who think they can get a good follow up shot with a .45 end up missing! I bet most of them thought they would have no problem hitting the target.

    With my Five-Seven I can have almost no kick I can just keep squeezing out 20 rounds of one of the most accurate pistols with the least likely to jam ammo you can get. If you don't have a Five-Seven a 22LR will work just fine.

    Don't believe it check this out

    That favors the 22 and only the shoty gets better scores but a study done by our government had shown that the 38 spcl was the best. Obviously the way they came about the data was obviously different. What I find funny is that 3 out of 4 times it took only 1 22lr round to stop the bad guy.

    Says a lot for small caliber weapons. Maybe explains why Mossad uses the 22LR!

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    Another poster asked what the 5.7 round does that the .220 Swift doesn't already do.

    I'm inclined to agree.

    Yes, the P90 and PS90 (the semi, Title 1 carbine version legal for civvies) are relatively easy to field strip, but I'm not enamored of their magazine nor of the ergonomics.

    Since I've only fired one a whopping total of four times, and it worked properly, I really have no reliable data other than it's VERY controllable in recoil and fully understand how a handgun in this caliber could be used in the pistol/pdw combo.

    I'm just not impressed with the caliber. Especially after the Ft. Hood shooting. Not because it was used to kill US Soldiers by a psychotic madman, but because (and I realize this seems awful, but remember, I'm talking about a cartridge I'd carry for defense) it was insufficiently lethal and/or incapacitating.

    In other words, it didn't do what it was supposed to well enough.

    And that would make me shy away from such a cartridge and any platform which fires it.

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    That's what the secret service uses it along with 200 other law enforcement agencies and more than 40 countries.

    The FN 5.7 is a good zombie caliber, you would not be able to buy a P90 sub machine gun, only the semi-auto version.

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    no count if that's a very vehicle rifle or carbine making use of a pistol cartridge like the 9mm Luger, or .40 5 ACP, then it is classed as a sub device gun. actual device weapons, fires a rifle cartridge.

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    whether that's a completely motor vehicle rifle or carbine making use of a pistol cartridge like the 9mm Luger, or .40 5 ACP, then that's labeled as a sub device gun. real device weapons, fires a rifle cartridge.

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    "Vote Lime Green for best answer"

    Seriously he answered what I would want to say. However William, you get a rare TD from me for your answer that so clearly has no basis in reality. Wikipedia is fun, but it is no substitute for actually shooting a real gun. You need at least a foot in reality before you hypothesize that much BS.

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