How can liberals claim to support education while supporting teacher's unions?

Why don't you see that the unions are one of the main causes of our horrible education? The American school system is infested with awful teachers that cannot be fired. Even if the teacher does nothing and lets their students test scores plummet, the best schools can do is the Lemon Dance. The unions don't help the good teachers that create successful students. They only protect the scum bags that exploit your children.


Shall I clarify a few things? I did not say that teacher unions are the ONLY issue with the education system. I did not say I was ONLY against teacher unions. I did not say anything about political parties. And @ Biden Spanked: You are incorrect. Scores are just as low in New York and California as anywhere else. And the worst scores are in DC. Not in southern states. Stupid hypocrite.

Update 2:

@ John S: Really? You think teachers are doing so poorly? Why have they spent more than $55 million on campaign donations and lobbying in the last 10 years?

But no. To answer your question: I do think that teachers should be paid more if they show success. Bad teachers should be paid nothing. And it's not the students fault when 80% of the class is failing.

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    The federal government is not a business that must balance its budget.

    It is a sovereign state that:

    1. has no Constitutional obligation to borrow money that it needs;

    2. can create any amount of fiat currency needed without borrowing;

    3. cannot become insolvent;

    4. must build infrastructure to fulfill the goals of its Constitution’s preamble;

    5. is legally required to promote “…the goals of maximum employment, stable prices…”;

    6. can spend enough on infrastructure to bring full employment without borrowing;

    7. can delay spending on infrastructure when full employment appears;

    8. can raise interest rates to prevent harmful inflation, as was done in 1980; and

    9. will have the world’s soundest currency when it has the world’s best infrastructure, including:

    the best institutions of scientific research (NASA, NIH, etc.),

    the best protection of the environment (“green” energy, nuclear plants, dams, etc.),

    the best systems of support for all the sports and all the arts,

    the best systems of emergency response (FEMA, local fire departments, etc.),

    the best systems of justice (local police departments, courts, prisons, etc.),

    the best systems of transportation and communication (smart grids, maglev trains, etc.),

    the best systems of FREE education from infancy to the highest university level,

    the best systems of FREE medical care for everybody, and

    the strongest armed force.

    Yes, we can have the best infrastructure and more homes and higher stock prices and growing 401(k)’s without harmful inflation or serious debt interest expense.

    Full employment trumps everything!

    Google: Faculty of Economics, UMKC,

  • 8 years ago

    What unions do is provide fair wages for their members. Private schools, for the most part, do not pay as well, and the teachers are subject to the whims and personalities of school management.

    Consider this, in a non-union public school, the argument is that the better teacher gets awarded with more pay, and the bad teachers get fired. Eventually, it is possible to end up with all good teachers as long as the evaluations weren't biased.

    This means education would cost more, and school boards will not accept that. What will really happen, is that anyone they think is a bad teacher will be fired, but good ones will not be paid more. In fact, I'm willing to bet that any highly paid teacher would immediately be declared "bad".

  • 8 years ago

    If only you knew the other side of the issue. But you don't care.

    Let's put it another way.

    How can school districts be effective when 40% of their operating costs go into the pockets of executives who have nothing to do with the educational process? They're called administrators. And your tax dollars go into their $500,000 a year salaries.

    Or you can have a state administrator like Alan Bursin who took a million dollars the last of the five years he ran the San Diego City School district into the ground with his meaningless attacks against their teachers! A million dollars to be a bully on your taxpayer dollars.

    And you want to blame organized teachers for having to fight dirty little overpaid creatures like Bursin.

    Source(s): Reality. Harsh, isn't it?
  • 8 years ago

    yeah, yeah, yeah, students have NOTHING to do with test scores, right? I went to school for 12 years theb=n got a college degree,and substitute taught in high school. Students get beat up for doing for doing good on tests. teachers give homework and wrting assignments then parents to to the principal whining abpout how the teacher is giving too much homework. Little Johnny gets a 500 word paper to write, turns in 3 sentences with 5 miuisspelled words,a nd callint anything betyween the periods a gramatically correct sentence is really pushing it, so Little Johnny gets a big fat F. Little johnny's daddy is now at the school board meerting complaining over how the school is racially buased against his kid.

    Yeah, its ALL the unions' fault. And Yes bad teachers can get fired, but you want high quality teachers for minimum wage. You want teachers with a Masters degree and you want to pay $10 an hout for them. And you claim you favor education.

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  • 8 years ago

    Unions at one time were actually good, but those days are over. They are nothing more than political machines seeking power and they achieve it with wooing their constituency with life long membership benefits like "tenure" the term you describe when a teacher reaches a certain status that performance has nothing to do with keeping their job. What incentive would drive an individual to do better when nothing could be done for doing the same, less or even nothing concerning job performance. I cannot believe any state would have ever agreed to such legal language anyway, but many of them have and its not only teachers who have this kind of job security. There is a saying I heard many times as a federal employee "Once you come off probation and reach permanent takes an act of congress to fire you." There is a lot of truth to that statement thanks to afge. (federal employee union)

  • 8 years ago

    Well that's if you believe them... right? They are always spouting off about the "kids", and "education", and "the poor", and "the homeless" - except when their guy is in office. Then you don't hear about those problems anymore. Those problems somehow aren't problems anymore. So where is their righteous indignation that there is more poor, and more homeless, and more folks without a job now than when Obama took office? Do you hear them calling for "justice"? Do you see them protest marching with phony numbered marches? Do you see them calling for more "compassion"? No.

    Liberals are the worst hypocrites in the world. Just realize this fact and everything else they say and do make perfect sense.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Sad part is FDR and George Meanie both opposed public sector unions because the purpose of unions was to force companies to share the profits,

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Now we get the truth from a are not against unions, you are just against teachers having unions.

    I should have guessed from the gigantic cheers at the return of the NFL UNION referees!

  • Gina
    Lv 7
    8 years ago

    Fun fact! Not all liberals share the same political opinions, just like with conservatives. I don't support unions. I think they ruin our educational system.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Bovine droppings.

    The hillbilly red states with no teachers unions have always been the most uneducated, backwards, dung pools in the country!

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