How should I reinstall Windows 7 Ultimate from a custom pc off my SSD drive?

I have a 64GB SSD drive that I installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64 on about a year ago. I'm running pretty low on space and I was thinking it might be easiest to just go for a fresh install of W7. I think I still have the 3 boot disc I created from when I installed W7 on my pc but I'm not 100% sure I'll be able to find them. Since it's a custom pc I don't have a Windows sticker on the side I could use either.

Can someone give me directions on how I can go about reinstalling or restoring it to the day I first installed it? If it's not to much to ask please give instructions for doing it with and without a disk in case I can't find them. Also where can I locate and reuse my W7 product key if that's even possible?

I was thinking I might upgrade my 64GB SSD drive to 128GB SSD drive since I've seen the price have really come down quite a bit in the past year. I'm hoping that should be enough memory so that I will not run into this issue again down the road.

Thanks in advance for any help or nudge in the right directions. It's greatly appreciated.

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    Why don't you just copy everything from the old drive to the new drive? This can be done assuming your drive isn't bad. There are a multitude of copying programs out there. Check out some postings on Youtube for a step by step if you do it that way.

    Or else you can download SIW (System Information for Windows). It is a freeware program. When you install it ensure you do a custom install so you don't get all the stupid tool bars and such. When installed, open and in the left menu underneath software there will be a Licenses tab (has a picture of a lock). Click that and you will see all of the licenses for installed programs.

    You can get SIW here:

    Good luck!

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    8 years ago

    The problem with doing that is it doesn't address the issue of memory. I want to reinstall Windows because I have a bunch of junk files, programs and a lot of other unwanted stuff that's just taking up a ton of room.

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