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switching from blown carbed to blown efi, what do i need?

i have a 496 bbc, forged everything 8.5:1 -13cc dish pistons, .705 .708 cam, dual quad holly 750 bp and a gm 671 @ 5psi. fuel system is just a NON return style holly red top 7psi electronic pump.

im looking at an elderle injector hat. i do not want to run mechanical injection, this truck does see road. ive never messed with efi systems, but it seems that everyone is using them now. i just started doing some research but its about impossible to narrow my results. so heres a page from bds

im just looking for somone to point me in the right direction as to a kit or possibly what they use and i can do the rest. im not using an electronic ignition at the time, i have a mallroy ultralite distrib, and a mallroy pro master coil. havent had any issues yet. also, what kind of electronics will i have to run? and i use a MFI injection hat and use an electronic pump and efi electronics?

really any info would be great. thanks


how do i know what ecu to use

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  • 8 years ago
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    Have you looked into Kinsler fuel injection..?

    That blower seems a little small.

    I would use -8 fuel lines. Going to need about a 250 GPH fuel pump with return.

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