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How can people claim that Glee sucks if they have never seen an episode?

When i'd first seen the promos for the show Glee i thought "this looks SOOOO ******* stupid i never want to watch it they're just gonna ruin good songs!!!" but i decided to go ahead and watch a couple of episodes. It COMPLETELY surprised me to say the least. I thought it would be very cheesy but instead it was so smart. I found myself thinking, "wait, that's a political/ historical/ intellectual reference that might be missed if you aren't listening carefully enough."

I don't think that people who hate the show even know that the humor in glee is truly unique and trust me, by no means is it for children- they talk about some offensive ****! and Sue (Jane Lynch) is such a ***** to the kids- she physically abuses them, it's pretty hilarious!

And as far as the songs go, it's very hard to explain. i am someone (19, female) who listens to 70s disco music, the eagles, the bee gees, the doors, the beatles, a lot of other 50s and 60s stuff and i love me some foo fighters, linkin park, and Lupe fiasco, and some others. All i can say about the music is this

There are plenty of covers they do that i really really hate, BUT the ones i actually like are fantastic! i would NEVER say "the glee version is better" i simply say "i like glee's version of this song too". A single person on that show has more musical talent than niki minaj, katy perry, lady gaga and lil wayne combined, and then some.

So, if you have watched the show and you don't like it, tell me why. If you haven't watched it,and you think it sucks, tell me why.

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    I've seen some.I still hate it. nothing more than a series of high school musical.

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    4 years ago

    Do you have instant-streaming Netflix? i think of they have Glee on there. i does not propose paying for it on DVD till you have truthfully considered some episodes and understand for particular you like it, otherwise it's going to finally end up on eBay or dusty on your shelf.

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    8 years ago

    I have seen a couple of episodes, and I still say it sucks. I couldn't stand it.

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