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Can someone tell me about the Friesian breed?

I'm going to be spending some time on a Friesian farm over the winter to learn about breeding and foaling. Other than breeding, they train in dressage and driving, they have a drill team, and they hold weddings.

I have never even been around Friesians... can anyone explain their history, the Friesian industry, anything else worth knowing before I arrive? Thanks!


Thank you! Go to Yardandgroom.com and you can find tons of apprenticeships/internships/working-student positions to apply for! That's how I found this one.

Update 2:

WTH....... *working-student*

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    Here''s a brief history:

    The breed originated in the Netherlands in a place called Friesland (thus their name). They were commonly used as war horses, to carry knights into battle. In later years they used for agricultural work, as well as pulling carts. In the 18th century they were even commonly found in trotting races, however this almost led them into extinction as breeders tried to breed them smaller, and crossbred them with other breeds to try and breed a faster horse. Luckily, during WWII the need for work horses brought them back into existence...

    Nowadays they are commonly used for dressage.

  • Amber
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    Why don't you just look them up on google?

    I had a Friesian called Black Magic, and they're lovely, they have the quiet temperment of a cob but a lot of go as well.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    i found a few websites you might be interested it :)






    Youtube thumbnail


    You are so lucky! i would so love to have that opportunity! i'm sure you will learn heaps and have fun! :)

    Hope i helped :)

    Source(s): google search: Friesian breed
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