I am looking for 2 things: 1) The last name of two brothers from Portage WI, & 2) a drifters whereabouts?

the brothers names were Enoch and Josh and they were Seventh-Day Adventists living in Portage WI in the 90's. Enoch died in a tragic car accident and I believe Josh may have done some jail time. It would be really helpful to know their last name. Also, 2 Springs ago, I helped a traveler/drifter out by the name of Sonny (probably and alias) who was headed to Florida. He looked like James Franco's character in the film "Milk". If anyone knows where he is and/or how to contact him, that information would be really helpful.

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    Regarding Portage, Wisconsin, do not confuse the city of Portage the county seat of Columbia County with Portage County in Wisconsin, which has Stevens Point as its county seat.

    If you wish to contact the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Portage (Columbia County), Wis. this is the address and phone number:

    Portage Seventh Day Adventist

    W8531 State Road 33

    Portage, WI 53901-9792

    Phone: (608) 742-4695


    * http://web3.awesomebusinesspages.net/detail-198516...

    If you really meant Portage County, Wisconsin, then . . . I found:

    Stevens Point Seventh-day Adventist Church

    1510 Sherman Avenue

    Stevens Point WI 54481

    Phone: (715) 344-4337

    I also found these listings, but no phone number:

    Seventh Day Adventist Church

    474 Sherman Ave

    Whiting, Wisconsin 54481

    Whiting is a small town in Portage Co., Wisconsin.

    Almond Seventh-day Adventist Church

    1340 Elm St

    Almond WI 54909-9789


    C/O Alan Anderson

    W6750 Norwegian Ln

    Wild Rose WI 54984-6488

    Almond is another small town in Portage Co., Wis.


    * http://www.adventistdirectory.org/SearchResults.as...

    * http://www.sharefaith.com/guide/church-directory/w...

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    Best wishes

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    As far as the drifter is concerned If all you know is he used the name Sonny and that he was headed to Florida,,,,you will probably never locate him.

    The suggestion of looking in the newspaper for information about the auto accident is a good one.

    You might also contact the church in Portage WI. Someone there might know about them and may be willing and able to talk to you.

    Source(s): Genealogical researcher 40+ years
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    Here is a list of all the people named Enoch who were on the SSDI, died within 5 years of 1995 and LR = Wisconsin. Portage is in Columbia county. LR isn't always death place. None of these look young enough to match your description. I fear your cause is hopeless.

    Enoch B. Brick 22 Oct 1904 19 Aug 1996 Wausau, Marathon, Wisconsin

    Enoch M. Hill 7 Feb 1930 29 Nov 2000 Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Enoch Johnson 11 Mar 1934 8 Oct 1992 Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Enoch P. Landowski 18 May 1939 17 Jan 1999 Tomah, Monroe, Wisconsin

    Enoch Molgaard 30 Mar 1932 14 Aug 1995 Kenosha, Kenosha, Wisconsin

    Enoch R. Thornton 24 Mar 1908 23 May 1999

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    You might be able to search newspaper archives (if you are quite patient and have some idea of the date and location) and find out about Enoch's car accident. That would then give you the surname for Josh which would make any search for him easier.

    As for the drifter you have no chance.

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