Did Biden mouth "You're so full of it" during the debate?

At one point during the debate when Ryan was talking I swear I thought I saw Biden turn toward him and mouth, "You're so full of it." Did anyone else see this? I don't remember when exactly it happened. I am not trying to debate which guy is better either, just wondering if my eyes are tricking me or not!


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  • 8 years ago
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    Yes he did, and quite rightly too because Ryan was continuously repeating facts and figures which were so far removed from the truth.

    Shame that Biden didn't say this louder to his face and then explain why.

    I'm English and I live in Germany.

    I am neither Democrat nor Republican.

    It makes no real difference to me who becomes your president, but US politics interests me a great deal, and it shocks me too because how dirty it has become.

    I recorded both debates and watched them over and over again.

    What is plainly obvious is how the Romney camp have repeatedly used very distorted facts and deliberately tried to mislead the American public.

    And this policy seems to be working because so many Americans are taken in.

    If you believe that makes me biased then I must disagree with you.

    As for the Biden - Ryan debate, I've now watched this at least seven times, and some parts far more than that.

    The following is a list of what Ryan said yesterday :-

    Ryan accused Obama of promising Americans that unemployment would not go above 8%, which is a complete fabrication because it was already 8,3% and rocketing when Obama took over the presidency.

    He accused Obama of raising taxes for middle income families, when if fact it is the Republican blockade in Congress that has prevented Obama from prolonging Bush's tax cuts.

    He accused Obama of trying to destroy all of America's small businesses because of planned tax increases, when in fact these increases only affect the 3% with the highest earnings.

    He accused Iran of having enough uranium to build 5 nuclear warheads when they do not have anywhere near enough centrifuges to refine this.

    Ryan even said that America must force the ayatollah's to change their way of thinking, which is absolutely ridiculous and shows how totally ignorant he is about Islam and Iran. If the solution was that simple this would have been done years ago.

    He accused Obama of not supporting the freedom fighters in Syria, but deliberately avoided giving any alternative options. Again this shows his lack of understanding of how dangerous such a move could be, and how this could so easily spread the war into all the neighbouring countries.

    Syria and Libya are nothing like each other.

    He accused Obama of not protecting Embassy staff yet it was the Republicans who earlier this year cut spending on Embassy security.

    When asked about his opinion about how dirty this election had become, Ryan completely avoided the question, and instead he used the opportunity to criticise Obama's political record.

    When asked by Biden directly, if he would guarantee that the Republicans would not cut mortgage tax relief in their proposed cuts to government subsidies, Ryan pretended he hadn't heard, but he suddenly spoke louder and quickly changed the subject to criticising Obama's record.

    Every word is true.

    If you can download this debate then do so, and I dare you to prove to me that a single word I said here is false.

    I'm sorry Republicans, but Romney and Ryan are pulling at straws in desperation.

    They have so little actual evidence of Obama's failings, so they have to keep repeating the same old lies over and over to try to convince the American public that they are telling the truth.

    Ryan was by far the best salesman.

    Biden was far more honest !

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    There is not any cause why Biden can’t “go after” Palin on her experience or lack thereof, the positions she and McCain are taking on problems, her views on almost something, together with abortion and something else related to her qualifications. What he is being warned about, customarily unnecessarily, is talking all the way down to her, which suggests disrespect, and belittling her, which additionally suggests disrespect. If he “picks” on her, she will become a sufferer and he'll turn out to be a bully. Bearing in intellect that Biden will likely be a participant in the debates and now not a moderator, his potential to fairly “go after” her will probably be determined largely by using the questions the moderators ask. Given the bias of the media, I feel McCain and Palin must refuse to debate on CBS, NBC, and MSNBC – simply as Obama has reneged on a public promise he made in New Hampshire to show up on FOX’s O’Reilly factor. It is ridiculous for the Obama campaign to refuse to show up on FOX when you consider that Obama is afraid of bill O’Reilly after which suggest a more “neutral” venue equivalent to NBC. It’s time for Republicans to draw out Obama. In his Thursday night acceptance speech, Obama said he knows precisely how a lot his proposed programs will rate, “every dime of it.” k, tell us how a lot they will price, Senator. And at the same time you’re at it, inform us the place the money is going to come from.

  • 8 years ago

    I don't know but Biden was high or drunk or maybe happy because he received a BJ before the debate from a dirty hooker!

  • 8 years ago

    He mouthed "You're so full of.." then laughs


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    8 years ago

    If he did, ryan deserved it.

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    8 years ago

    I did not notice this

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