why don't people use alternative medicine more often (e.g. herbal, acupuncture, energy healing, ayuverda)?

Any opinion or experience?


I saw alternative medicine industry is increasing. Most of physicians are qualified with MD(medical doctor known as physician, not Doctor). The duration of their study and practice quite similar to the person who study to be a doctor, like 8 years.

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  • janie
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    7 years ago
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    1 maybe because when taking an herb they use inferior herbs in the wrong non absorbable form (generally conventional herbs in a capsule) that dont work & thus they assume alternative meds don't work

    One needs 2take organic or wildcrafted herbs in the form of tinctures or 2nd best tea made with organic herbs & distilled water

    1st one must use superior products. I like herbdoc herbpharm & homemade tinctures made w/organic herbs as the best

    2 Many dont want 2take responsibility 4their illness realizing they caused it in most cases w/their lifestyle choices & thus if they created it they can then reverse it as it is hard work 2cure incurable & serious diseases as it takes a lot of work & hard lifestyle changes. Its easier to go to a dr w/the attitude I am an unlucky victim give me a pill to cure me (and then I will and can continue my decadent lifestyle, burn the candle at both ends etc)

    3 Others do not know the power of alternative health or how to use it

    4 Others like my mom and other older people feel dr knows best and never do anything he says not to even when the dr makes them worst or messes up several times which her drs did) They still blindly listen thinking the dr knows more than me,not realizing when a dr says there is no cure, that what they really mean is there is nothing I know of, believe in or was taught that will cure u not that nothing will as millions have been cured naturally or with diet

    5 They also do not realize how broad alternative meds are see my answer here 4the many many kinds of alternative medicine modalities


    They think of alt med as just things like herbs, acupuncture, homeopathy and dont realize things like diet, exercise, massage, hydrotherapy like an ice pack or hot showers are also part of alt medicine.

    they use often home remedies but dont realize this is part of alt med

    6 Skeptics try 2convince people that anecdotal stories even if hundreds of thousands say the same thing such and such cured this illness mean nothing and that only double blind studies do, They also do not realize many natural treatments do have studies on them but they are harder to find

    7 Also they can be expensive as they are not covered by insurance and must be paid 4by the person themselves and health foods often overcharge as so many people are using alt med

    8 I think so many people do use it and that is why more drs are including it in their practices when they can without trouble from the AMA

    here is a chart on the differences between natural healing and medical intervention


    9 Some do use them but hide it or discourage its use publicly as they dont want more people using them as their job depends on the status quo or traditional meds and they dont want that 2change or they might lose their jobs

    10 Others truly believe they are useless or maybe had a bad experience or used it but not enough or comprehensively enough 2cure an illnesses and their love one still died so they feel betrayed though they really had lack of knowledge in how 2cure serious diseases or only did a few of the things they should have.

    I know I have rarely seen it fail I cant always do it due 2not enough money or its 2hard 2do & remember to do consistently or I mess up even though I have knowledge.

    11 some drs do know but dont tell their patients as they cant or they risk losing their license when I stopped 3 heart attacks in my mom when nitro which worked b4 did nothing & I mentioned I stopped my mom's heart attack be4 I could say a word she said u used cayenne didn't u (yes) she knew but I bet she doesnt tell her patients about it.

    some drs use it themselves as they know the dangers of traditional med but they cant tell patients as they risk not only medical licenses but ostracization from their peers such as dr Lorraine Day did or they lose their hospital privileges such as a dr we went to in the 70s did 4pioneering home births in out big city

    12 Many would like to use it but lack funds or knowledge of what to do.

    13 Also since a huge part of the GNP comes from traditional medicine and drugs, they know the economy could collapse if everyone tried 2heal themselves & did not take drugs so they block knowledge, work actively against it,make conditions more favorable 2 support the old way, & dont publish successful studies in medical journals (where the drs read so they dont know about these studies) & the drug companies offer perks etc It is beneficial to maintain the old system.

    14 Also herb companies are forbidden from saying what their product does on the label or using the purpose in the title like saying heartmend etc in say Hawthorne in the name of the product.

    also herbalists in trying 2get approval, back down from the more powerful herbs in their arsenal

    Source(s): so many of the most effective herbs r not pushed or r demonized in order 2gain acceptance as a field. Many naturopaths dont know how to cure serious & terminal diseases & they just stick w/easy 2cure stuff & not difficult treatments of modality as they dont want 2lose their patients by pushing the envelop & making them do the needed tough things as they know they can go to a competitor that makes it easier on the patient even when tough is called 4 15 Users cheat on programs & dont do it all all the time & then say it did not work but they really did not work it correctly allowing 4 2many relations of what they need 2do doing the easy stuff but skipping the hard or not doing it enough or taking enough. they think of alt meds in terms of drugs like give me an herb 2reverse years of bad diet when it takes more than just an herb or 2 There's a diversity of reasons but it is & will continue to become more mainstream (I went back and labeled 1-15 after I wrote it)
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  • Kiley
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    4 years ago

    I personally believe that some alternative therapies can be beneficial. I have Fibromyalgia and there's no conventional treatment for it. However, the benefits of alternative medicine haven't been proven. Nobody would want a public helathcare service to spend even more money on something most people don't believe works.

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  • 7 years ago

    Even though alternative medicine is much cheaper and has totally the same effect people are aware that they may cause some unexperienced side effect. The manufacturers of original expensive medicine also spend some money on anti-advertising alternative medicine, saying that they are dangerous, even though they are certified by the regulations of the country where they are manufactured.

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  • 7 years ago

    Alternative medicine usually takes longer in the healing process than over the counter/prescription drugs and in our society, its all about speed

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    In the words of my psychology professor, "We live in a pill popping society. Got a problem? Take a pill."

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  • 7 years ago

    Because doubleblind studies have repeatedly shown the vast majority of "alternative medicine" to be nothing more than placebo effect

    If it worked, it wouldn't be called alternative medicine. It would be called medicine. Physical therapy is not called alternative medicine because it works.

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  • 7 years ago

    1) Herbal medicine is almost always sold with no assurance of quality or strength. And, even if strength were know, there have been no tests to determine the least amount needed for affectiveness

    2) acupuncture works in very few instances

    3) energy healing? Funny! get real, please.

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  • Gary K
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    7 years ago

    Easy - If it's been proved to work it wouldn't be 'alternative'. Medicine that works is just called medicine.

    'Alternative medicine' is mostly quackery.

    The majority of people aren't interested in quackery, or baloney like 'energy' healing.

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  • Mr E
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    7 years ago

    ignorance and fear, spread and sustained by organized medicine. truth is, it is organized medicine they have the most cause to fear.

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  • 7 years ago

    Because none of that crap actually works.

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