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What Do You Think Of My Theory of The Mothman?

Ok, So Mothman is a Creature sighted in Point Plesant, Virginia. And from all the sightings and stories I have heard. He likes to stay near the old Radioactivity Plant, ak.k.a "TNT AREA". He goes towards nearby humans.

Here is my theory:

The Mothman used to be a Human Male. He worked at the Radioactivity Plant. One day, there was a freak accident, and he was the only survivor. He was left and had turned into what we now know as 'The Mothman". He goes towards bystandards as a way of saying "Help Me". I believe that there could be somthing in there that could convert him back towards his normal self, and he is trying to get help and lead them towards the TNT Area.

Please Tell me what you think of this theory.

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    Point Pleasant is in WEST Virginia, a whole separate state. We are not "western Virginia", we are West Virginia. Point Pleasant is on the Ohio River, less than 60 miles from where I live. There is no "radioactivity" or nuclear plants in that region. TNT is dynamite, and has nothing to do with nuclear plants. You are thinking about the town of Nitro, two miles south of me, where dynamite and nitroglycerin was produced during World War II. Nitro is nowhere near Point Pleasant.

    The "mothman" sighting occurred in the late Sixties, prior to the collapse of the Silver Bridge. What the "mothman" actually was, was a sandhill crane that had blundered inland, as occasionally happens. They can stand several feet high, with white feathered wings, and their eyes reflect an eerie red, especially at night in the headlamps of a car. Locals of this area are not familiar with the sandhill crane, and the description of the "mothman" dovetails perfectly with that of the sandhill crane, with exceptions taken for an eyewitness account based in ignorance, superstition, and fright.

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    Its good but needs a giant lamp in there somewhere.

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    8 years ago

    I think it's crap.

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