Does this mean he likes me or want to have sex with me?? I need girls&guys advice 10pnts 4 best answer!?

so it's this guy that Iv been talking to and we have so much in common and have great convos,Iv been meaning to hangout with him lately but our schedules isn't the same so yesterday when we were supposed to hang we didn't because I dont have a phone and I could only contact him when I have wifi connection,I'm just going to show you guys our text convo

Me:Do you think we could meet over here because I need wifi to contact you and we could get on the 57 to lake marrit but that's if you want to

Him:Dang thats conda back tracking lol ima have to think bout that hun

Me:Lmao yea that kinda is though

Him:Idk  i still want to hang but where hun?

Me:Idk I really dont have a clue Now :\

Him:i would envite you to my home later but yo bus stop runing early are this what we can do you come over later for dinner then when you leave we can get on  the 1 and catch the 57 down town are you could spend the night and leave in the am cause i got jury duty in court tommarow at 7 u pick?

Me:I have class at 9 and  I get up Hela early to get ready and stuff,do you want to just wait till the weekend cuz I could spend the night with you without any worries

Him:the weekend i will be working long shifts hun from 3pm -12am that wouldn't  work and i had to get up early to tommarow thats why i had asked you if u wanted to spend the night tonight since we both got to be up super early.

Me:Oo ok :(,and idk cuz I don't want the first time we kick it to be Hela dull cuz we got **** to do in the morning,I want to have fun with you the first time we kick it and be up on a late night kickn it and getn to know eachother.And if I spend the night with you theres a couple of things we Gota get cleared #1:I will not have sex with you!!! #2:you cannot have me bored 3:have extra covers because I will take ALL the cover from you lol

Him:I feel where u coming from and Lmao ok thats fine with me

We decided to wait till he's off again to hang but my question he just trying to have sex with mE

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    All women need to understand something about us men. We don't keep platonic female friends. There's either women we've had sex with, then there's women we want to have sex with. And then there's fuglies that we don't even want near us.

  • 3 years ago

    Well the suggestion of a lady being pregnant compeletly grosses some guys out. Even if you aren't showing. It is the entire concept. Most likely neither of you deliberate on getting pregnant. In order that takes an emotional tole on a person. If he has epilepsy and depression and has been in rehab for meth. He has alot of things occurring. Every time your worried you don't simply run round trying intercourse. Critically be there to your man. I imply that's alot of issues to be dealing with unexpectedly.

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