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How much BJJ is in Judo ?

I did Brazilian jiu jitsu for a few months but it was too difficult to get to. There are no other BJJ schools near me. But theres judo classes 10 mins away. I love bjj but couldnt make it there in time.

I love the ground game aspect, how much of the ground work is used in judo?. Im looking forward to learning throws etc but i love the submissions.

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    I have a black belt in Judo as well as Taekwondo. You will learn all the ground game you need if you have a good Judo instructor. Whenever BJJ players came to Judo, I was able to hang with them, no problem. It is all about the instructor(s) you have. If they like ground work, you will learn ground work, so do not worry about it. Many Judo schools may start you off with ground work anyway until they feel you can fall for throws safely.

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    1) Knees together, pull your opponents arm in the direction opposite their thumb (preferably keep the thumb up), keep your butt close to their shoulder, elevate your hips. (there's probably more) 2) If you are facing south at the beginning of the throw, an Ogoshi throw is in about the E-NE direction if you are fighting in a right handed position (left hand initiating the pull, right hand on the opponent's back). You are throwing the opponent over your back more to the side than forward. 3) Never used any leglocks (I'm primarily a Judo guy) but I'm going to guess that it's an ankle lock. 4) The ankle is a very fragile joint with a lot of tendons and bones that can be broken very quickly. A heelhook can do tremendous damage very quickly unless your opponent knows how to counteract it. An inexperienced training partner not only won't know where to move to relieve pressure, but they may panic and move in a direction that increases the damage. EDIT: I re-enabled messaging. Great topic.

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  • BJJ is derived from Judo. Judo has submissions and throws as well, but less grappling. Its more try to take them down to score points.

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  • Actually its how much Judo is in BJJ Judo cam first derived from ju-jistu and BJJ came from Judo and wrestling

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