HELP!! synonyms, and antonyms for the word millenium!!!!!!!?

okay, so my english teacher assigned alittle presentation, and i got the word milleniuim!!! i know what it means and stuff, but i cant think of a synonym or antonym for it!!!!!! also some information, and an example of how i can use it as different parts of speech:) thnx my project is due tomorrrooowww!

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    Millennium (note correct spelling) is a noun; the adjective form is millennial, or millennialist (which can also be a noun). Millennium (plural millennia or millenniums) has no synonym or antonym. It means (1) a period of 1000 years ... esp. that of Christ's prophesied reign in person on earth (Revelation 20: 1-5), (2) a period of good government, great happiness, and prosperity. Maybe check out the Bible reference for inspiration ... I think it's where an angel comes down from heaven with a key to the "bottomless pit" and locks Satan away in hell for 1000 years (quite dramatic).

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    Millenium Synonym

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    synonyms at left, antonyms at right... 1.Arena- stadium ? 2.Events- happenings ? 3.Hurdle- obstacle free course? 4.long- perennial short/short- lived 5.putting- placing taking 6.sprinting- racing walking 7.track- path ?

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