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Best movie scene/clip to analyse?

I have to analyse a 4/5 minute scene for film studies coursework. Needs to have loads of things to talk about regarding mise-en-scene, camera angles, lighting, sound etc.

Any ideas?! Was thinking of doing a scene from fight club but wasn't sure which....? Thanks x

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    that movie w tom cruise and jack Nicholson in the courtroom, wen jack Nicholson says "u cant handle the truth I think its called a few good men

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    It sounds like you pick to study a movie in reaction to technical stuff. i ought to pick between those videos: for the time of the Universe Marie Antoinette Pan's Labyrinth The sixth experience The Lord of the rings for the time of the Universe, Marie Antoinette, Pan's Labyrinth, and the Lord of the rings have alot of eye-sweet. for the time of the Universe is a musical and has alot of loopy scenes that could artwork for what you're searching for, and Pan's Labyrinth (at the same time as a quite gory action picture -- only bypass a number of the violent aspects) does a tremendous interest of turning the fairy tale right into a horror classic at the same time as nonetheless holding a similar aspects -- so that you'll see wonderful colours, perspective photos, and sound. Marie Antoinette has solid lighting fixtures. The sixth experience has tremendous digicam angles. Its a horror/suspense, and it does a superior interest of coming up the mood with the help of the lense. inspect The Others -- yet another suspense movie that works on truly constrained lighting fixtures, without seeming being a stupid, head-discomfort inducing slasher movie.

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