Has anyone here ever been diagnosed with Aspergers or high functioning autism as an adult?

I just wondered if there was anyone here was actually diagnosed with Aspergers or HFA as an adult and how that made you feel? I also mean ACTUALLY diagnosed by a doctor or neurologist, not just "I think I have this?".

Were you put on medication?

Did you think your plans for the future were totally screwed up now?

Just wondering.

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  • 7 years ago
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    A guy who volunteers at a centre my kids go to was diagnosed at age 52. That's when he decided to start volunteering with autistic kids. I think it's pretty rare for a person to be that old, but I also think he likely does actually have it (and was officially diagnosed). He's a computer guy and he says he never would have thought about working with people, but now that he knows why, he's comfortable with the kids here. Which is awesome because he is great with the kids. He is medicated for anxiety but was before his diagnosis anyway. I get the impression he is happy and felt relieved at the diagnosis. He didn't start talking until he was 7 but was never evaluated because he's from China and I guess they weren't into diagnosing autism in China in the 1960s (not surprisingly).

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  • 7 years ago

    Happens all the time.Many adults get diagnosed after their kids get diagnosed.Aspergers,the label has only been around since the 90s,but,autism has always been here.Many kids today,often are more severe,due to environmental asaults.Look at the book Gut and Psychology Syndrome and read customer reviews at Amazon.

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