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Trade for Owen Daniels?

My team:

QB- Big Ben, Flacco

WR- Green, A Brown, Torrey Smith, Bryant

RB- Foster, MJD, Morris, Ballard (starter now with Brown hurt)

TE- Olsen, Gresham

His team:

QB- Rodgers, Cutler

WR- Austin, Hartline, Cruz, Hawkins

RB- Lynch, Sproles, D Brown, J Bell

TE- Owen Daniels, A Gates

Browns hurt, Sproles is on a bye and Bell is a backup. I was looking to maybe trade Morris and a TE for Daniels and another player.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Hmm gave up on Vernon Davis? haha

    Anyways this is an interesting set of players...

    I would say offer him Morris and whichever TE he would want (I would say he'd want Olsen) for Owen Daniels and Donald Brown / J Bell. He may potentially want an upgrade at Running back, which is why he might consider wanting Alfred Morris. His WRs aren't exactly great, so maybe you could try doing Torrey Smith (when he has a monster game) and Greshem/Olsen for Owen Daniels/ another player (Hawkins maybe).

    His week points seems RB, so I would try and trade him a RB for his TE, or a combo good RB/ decent TE for Owen Daniels / bad RB. His WR position could be targeted too. Unlike the Vernon Davis trade scenario, I don't think you'd have to go high risk such as trading Foster or MJD... you could stay with trading decent players for Daniels. Try and trade one of the decent players that have a monster game- making the dude think that the player is really raw when he just had one monster game. That's what I'd do. Just a matter of time. Or wait till Owen Daniels has a bad game, etc.

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  • Wiggy
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    8 years ago


    Don't trade Morris. He's one of the few backs that get all the touches. Morris has been such a solid play. Unless you're getting Graham or Gronk, don't trade Morris. I would however offer him Torrey Smith or Dez Bryant.

    If he doesn't accept, move on. Your team is solid as it is.

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