Problems with iTunes and Malfunctioning Sync?

Hello everyone,

I need someone's help in regards of the newest iTunes and its malfunctioning sync.

Before I describe my torment with iTunes, let me first provide you with the specs:

OS - Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate

iTunes -

Device - iPhone 4S

Device iOS - 5.1.1

The problem started when, not so long ago, I decided to remove the whole music library from my iPhone and then sync it back again, so that some of the songs which were listed on my iPhone 4S, but which didn't play, got fixed. Aiming to do that, I unselected syncing music library in iTunes. This is a minor thing, however, because as much as it didn't work and iTunes didn't want to remove the music, I found another way to do that (involving jailbreak). The other thing, however, is that while trying to re-sync my music as well add my photo library, iTunes refuses to co-operate properly. First of all, iTunes stops syncing whatsoever, without any prompt, while being in the middle of transferring music. This of course results in grayed out song names, artists, and albums on the iPhone, indicating that those things are to be transferred, but haven't been transferred yet. If that weren't enough, what's even worse is what happens with photo albums - namely, the albums names are just the same as the names of folders selected to be synced, but iTunes misplaces the photos between those albums. As an example:

Those of the photos which should be in album A are in album B, those belonging to B are in A, and those which should be in C, on the iPhone end up in B. In reality I have many more than only 3 synced albums (the number of photos reaching tens of thousands), so you can imagine what a mish-mash I have on the phone. Both of those things happen regardless of whether I sync my iPhone through USB, or over Wi-Fi, and it really starts to make me feel frustrated.

Is there anyone out there who has the exact same, or at least similar problem, and knows how to fix this? I can already mention that cleaning up the sync history in iTunes doesn't help at all. Also, I don't want to update my iPhone to iOS 6 at the moment (not even sure if that would make iTunes work better) if I am to have problems with maps leading me to something that isn't there. iTunes has never been good at syncing, surprising with numerous issues, but this simply tops everything.

I'm really starting to think that while Apple is good at making phones, tablets, and computers, but not at making software, they should stick only to the first 3


Don't the 2 problems I described show that it doesn't work the right way? Plus, such things as iTunes performing "Importing photos" each time you sync, even if you didn't add or delete any photos, which takes even hours (where this is probably also connected to its slow co-operation with external drives because yes, I have my entire library and photos on such one)? And what about its misleading capacity bar where, if I want to re-sync all my photos by reselecting folders, iTunes adds the size of those reselected folders to what's already on the phone and not, as it should, show only the size of those reselected folders after re-sync? Another thing is that when trying to access the Apps tab when iPhone is connected over Wi-Fi, iTunes either totally hangs up, or takes up to tens of minutes to go from "Not responding" to working up again and showing the apps (I even read you might wanna try to minimize it to the task bar and pick it up again several tim

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    8 years ago
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    "iTunes has never been good at syncing, surprising with numerous issues, "

    Really? Do you have any evidence to support such a claim. Millions of people manage to use iTunes every day without any problems.

    "I found another way to do that (involving jailbreak). "

    That's your problem right there.

    Without details of just how you have broken your system it will be impossible to pin down what you need to do to rectify it.

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