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Who is your all time favorite fictional couple?

From books, movies, TV shows. This is for a school project (magazine article.)

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    Television husband & wife couple with live actors = Tim & Jill Taylor (Tim Allen & Patricia Richardson), Home Improvement.

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    Television husband & wife, animated characters = Hank & Peggy Hill (King of the Hill) + their neighbours Nancy & Dale Gribble.

    Movie husband & wife couple = Clarke & Ellen Griswald - "National Lampoon's Vacation" / "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" / "National Lampoon's European Vacation"

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    Wow, there are a lot of them, but here are the top ones:

    King Kong and Fay Wray (Ann Darrow). King Kong, 1933.

    Buttercup & Wesley. The Princess Bride (1987). As you wish.

    Tarzan and Jane. Many many movies.

    R2D2 and C3PO, Star Wars. Close second for Han Solo & Princess Leia.

    Lady and the Tramp. You gotta love them.

    Jules and Vincent. Pulp Fiction.

    Lucy and Ricky Ricardo. I Love Lucy.

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    4 years ago

    As quickly as I saw this question I idea Buffy and Spike definitely but then I remembered about Willow and Tara plus Angel and Cordelia. I continuously idea that Angel and Cordelia would were gorgeous together citing Connor and all that. I like this Couple! Willow and Tara are a very good couple. They are proud of being together more often than not from the beginning. I hate Warren :(! But my favourite couple remains to be and will perpetually be Buffy and Spike. I simply wish to remind folks that he went to get a soul for her. The most painful factor and he knew it will be. He just desired her to love him.

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    Jimmy and Judy. That's actually the name of the movie. In my opinion, way better love story than Twilight or even the Notebook. They are my all time favorite.

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    Jack and Rose in Titanic or Anakin and Padme in Star Wars

  • Sahara
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    8 years ago

    Clair and Phil Dunphy :D From Modern Family.

    Source(s): Love those two guys.
  • Rick & Ilse from "Casablanca"

    Heathcliff & Cathy from "Wuthering Heights"

    George Burns & Gracie Allen from "Burns & Allen"

    My parents, Al & Peg Bundy

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    Nick and Nora....who as husband and wife during the Great Depression exchanged wise cracks and solved murder mysteries in "The Thin Man" series.

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    Peter & Lois Griffin

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    I like Nick and Nora Charles from the Thin Man series.

    I also like Tommy and Tuppence Beresford from the Agatha Christie novels.

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