What is a good choice for a WARM winter jacket?

I'm looking up nike snowboarding jackets and northface coats? what is the best option for warmth and are all snowboarding jackets warm

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    No, not all snowboarding jackets are warm. Some are just shells that require you to buy your own insulating layers. That may sound silly but it helps people control the temperature inside their jackets.

    For example, this snowboarding jacket made by The North Face has no insulation whatsoever. http://www.thenorthface.com/catalog/sc-gear/mens-j... It's a shell, but it's also super waterproof and provides great breathability. It's the jacket Xavier de Le Rue uses around the world, and he's definitely in colder places then you. It also has built in features like the Recco avalanche reflector. The jacket will be cold if you don't provide the proper insulation on those freezing winter days. I used this jacket as an example to show that price doesn't equal warmth when it comes to jackets. Usually, the more you spend the more waterproof/breathable your jacket will be. If you bought that jacket and were expecting something super warm you'd be super disappointed.

    A big key to staying warm is staying dry on the inside and out. a jacket with great waterproofing like gor-tex will keep water out. But keeping water out is easy. The hard part comes with breathability. Breathability is the ability of a jacket to expel moisture (sweat) from the inside of the jacket to the outside. So, a good jacket will have both a high waterproof rating and a high breathability rating. All jackets from well known companies will show these ratings. You will have to do a bit of translating with The North Face, as they use a slightly different system. Most companies you see will use the same rating system as Nike. Here for example is a Nike jacket (I really hate their line this year, so ugly lol) http://www.backcountry.com/nike-snowboarding-kampa... If you scroll down you'll see a waterproof rating of 10k and a breathability rating of 10k, the higher the better. That's decent, it's about the lowest i'll go when it comes to my winter outerwear. You also need to read the technical details to see if it has insulation. If the details don't mention insulation then the jacket is probably a shell (lining is not the same as insulation). The Nike jacket I linked is a shell, you can tell this by the mention of shell and no mention of any insulation.

    Here is another example, http://www.backcountry.com/nike-snowboarding-belle... this Nike jacket is insulated, as mentioned in the technical details, but the insulation is only a removable vest interior. There is no insulation on the arms, only on the torso. That jacket looks overpriced in my opinion.

    All I'm saying is you need to read the specifications. If the jacket doesn't mention insulation then it doesn't have insulation. It will also mention where the insulation is located in the jacket. Be cautious, a lot of people buy jackets because they think price equals warmth. Well, that's not inherently true. Oh, and feel free to browse backcoutry.com, just about every company on there is well respected in terms of outerwear.

    I should also mention that the clothing you wear under your jacket is just as important as the jacket itself. If you spend big bucks on a nice jacket don't go around wearing cotton sweatpants and a cheap sweater, it's counterproductive. Cotton absorbs almost twice its weight in moisture. So, if you begin sweating that cotton will quickly absorb all that moisture leaving you cold and wet once you stop moving. Wear water-wicking materials under your jacket and against your skin. Things like the synthetic Under Aromour material and wool. Those fabrics will wick moisture away from your skin leaving you much dryer by days end.

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    i think of once you're saying "for snow", maximum individuals envision which you would be snowboarding or spending loads of time exterior. in case you're only out walking around, the jacket you describe would be completely sufficient (a sweater below will help if that's truly chilly.) If that's raining or snowing, it won't shop you very dry, so which you will get chilly - convey some thing that's water-resistant you could throw on over this if it starts coming down. different than that, you're able to desire to be wonderful. Have a reliable holiday!

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    trench coats also play vital role to keep warm and stylish on the other hand.

    Long Belted Down Puffer also very great selection to keep you warm all the time.

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    One that is warm.

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