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I got a haircut today, and I clipped my toenails. This is "dead" material that was part of me?

How is this defined as "dead" body parts?

What makes them "dead"?

They are part of a living thing but dead?

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    Well... it's weirder every day.

    Have you heard of the HeLa Cell Line?

    The HeLa cell line is a widely used group of cells that are 'immortal' - they grow and never die, thus making them perfect for scientific research.

    They come from a lady called Henrietta Lacks. Lacks died 60 years ago, but her cells live on and flourish in labs all over the world.

    Is Henrietta dead? Her body lies a mouldering in the grave but her cells go marching on.

    also of note:;_ylt=AlevB...

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    The cells are already dead, even before you cut them off.

    You might also be surprised to learn that a significant part of your body weight are other critters like bacteria that aren't actually a part of your body at all.

  • I have a Black T-shirt that says in Red Gothic Horror Font: Dead Is The New Black.

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    Its dead cause the cells that make up the hair and toenails are no longer getting what they need from your body (cause they are detached) so the cells die.

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  • ?
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    9 years ago

    Fingernails, hair and your outer layer of skin have all stopped the processes associated with 'life' (mitosis, metabolism, respiration etc.) They're dead before you or your attractive hair stylist removes them.

  • Pancho
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    No, they were NOT a part of "you." They were a part of the body you inhabit, which is essentially a corpse. It's animated by the presence of what is referred to as the soul -- that is, by us, our true self. The body isn't the self. It's like a car we drive around ...

  • marco
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    9 years ago

    They mean by dead non enervated and nonvacularized.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Did you videotape it?

    These things excite me.

  • Anonymous
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