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Can I transfer highschools still?

Im currently a 10th grader (sophomore) at this high-school and i want to transfer. Is it too late? I want to transfer because i feel like my school isn't rigorous enough. I go to a bummy highschool where the only AP class they offer for sophomores is Algebra 2/Trig which what mostly every 10th grader already takes. Basically only advanced math and college now classes. I go want to transfer to Academy for American Studies in Long Island City. I already currently attend a highschool in Long Island City called Robert F. Wagner which isn't all that good. Is there anyway at all to transfer?

P.S. I attend HS in New York City


last year's final average was 96

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    Dont tell me tell them.

    Write your bestest letter to the pres and dean at AAS and tell them what you want.

    I see they have limited competitive enrollment. So you must really want it and then maybe not even then. Their may be other options. Who knows. But. I got this from their web site. GO.


    Welcome to the Academy of American Studies Online. Our open house for Fall, 2013 students will take place on Monday, November 5, 2012 at 6:30pm. Please RSVP at (718) 361-8786. Parents and current students, please click on the information button to the left for current information and access to distributed handouts

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    no it is not too late, but schools dont simply let you transfer if you dont live in the area.

    Your only option is private school transfer.

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