SSD drive installation on an older computer with WINDOWS 7?

I have a computer from a few years back that has a 7200 RPM, 500GB drive on it with WIN 7 OS.

I want to put a 120 GB OCZ Sata 3 drive on there now with a fresh install of WIN 7 for boot up to speed things up. If I already have WIN 7 on the 500GB drive how would I go about a new install onto the SSD with just WIN7 for bootup?

Would this installation cause any problems for the other programs I have installed on the 500GB like MS office, Front Page, or Dreamweaver?

Thanks for any help.


Thanks for the response. What I was planning to do was ONLY put WIN 7 on the new SSD just for boot up but needed to know if I could still run all the programs left on the older hard drive like office and dreamweaver etc or would putting just WIN7 affect the programs I have stored on the old drive? Also what do I do with the copy of WIN7 that I have on the old drive? Would the two installs cause a conflict?

My bootup time is 7 minutes or more so I just wanted to improve that and leave all my programs on the old drive... thanks

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  • 7 years ago
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    UPDATE: The short answer to your additional details is no. When you install Windows on the SSD drive it will be a base load without applications. You cannot run the programs that were installed on your original drive. Any applications you want to run will need to be reinstalled on the new copy of Windows.


    Your best bet would be to do a fresh install of Windows 7 on the new SSD drive and utilize your 500GB drive for data storage.

    Once Windows is installed on the new drive you can redirect your documents/pictures/music, etc. to the 500GB drive instead of the SSD.

    Any applications you currently have installed will need to be reinstalled on the new copy of Windows, but keep in mind that a 120GB drive is cutting it close from a space perspective if you have a lot of large programs.

    It won't be a problem to have Windows 7 and a full load of Office 2010. Not sure how much space Dreamweaver and Front Page require. You might consider going to a 240GB SSD instead of the 120GB model. Prices are dropping almost daily on the SSD drives and there are many good bargains to be had.

    You will be blown away by the speed of the SSD drives. We switched over to SSD drives almost a year ago and would never dream of using a system without one. They are soooooo fast.

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