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is this normal for a tortoise.?

okay so on tusday i got a baby sulcata tortoise it's really cool except that it sleeps alot. now this is my first tortoise but i con't find out why he's not moving much. unfortunately all i have it in now is a three gallon container about 1 foot tall and 2 feet wide and about 8 inches deep. and i don't have a uvb/uva light yet i don't have a spot light yet either i think it's okayish because he gets a good amount of sun light and he's has eaten a good amount of food. right now i don't really know but i think he's not moving because it's cold and it about a little higher than room tempurature in his box so. and so really my question is is this a normal behavior or should i get i heater and put him by it or what?

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    He needs warmth of around 90 degree's in a basking spot with an overhead UVA/UVB incandescent bulb & lamp but that would be impossible to do in such a container ... if you have a good sized dresser drawer or can go buy a good sized flat rubbermaid container , etc then you could give him the basking spot he needs , bedding needs to be of Timothy Grass/Hay ( Nothing loose like bark, wood shavings, sand ... ) and foods need to be the same certain types of grasses - Timothy Grass is the most readily available unless you live in horse or cow country... flowers - roses, geraniums, hibiscus or weeds like dandelion or mustard green's... & foods need light dustings of Calcium + D3 in - house ( outisde living no UVA/UVB or D3 is needed ) beings they are vegetarian but not like human one's , little or no wet fruits or vege's like oranges, strawberries, cucumbers... they need a shallow water dish for drinking from or soaking in should they choose to do so ( roller paint trays work great for this ! ) nor do they hibernate so the care is year round as is the needed warmth of no less than 90 degree's F in a basking spot under a UVA/UVB light ( flat rock or ceramic tile ... works best for basking on ! ) and be aware you now own the 3rd largest land tortoise in the world which can reach up to 200 lbs :) Ours lives in a well secured 10 x 10 foot pen ( they are quite strong & diggers ! ) with a tortoise house with a locking door and an oil heater for Winter. You might like a site called for more care & housing info ! Take Care

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    I hope you realize sulcatas get up to 150 pounds..if you don't have a large backyard don't expect to keep that tortoise happy for long. You should of went to the pet-store/ordered things before he came home.

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    Reptiles need to stay in warm environments. Having at room temperature may be too cold. I'd say 80°F to be safe.

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    Warm him up a bit and he should be more energetic

    Source(s): I have two terrapins and they get sleepy when they're cold.
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