Please rate these names (boy and girl)?

Most detailed answer will get BA!

Boys :








Girls :








Thank you for answering.

(These are the names of some of y close friends children. All under the 8).


*scratches head* what is up with the trolls today? Yeesh

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    The Trolls seem to have come out from under the bridge a lot today...


    ○ Dominic: Something about this name just appeals to me and has done for quite a while. It's very like able; I was going to put it on my favourites list, but then I thought against it because of it's increasing popularity (not that it should bother me, but it does =/) so it's my favourite guilty pleasure name instead. :3 It's very handsome; the only person I know with this name is the same age as me, but extremely intelligent and kind. It sort of makes me like it a bit more. Also, I think the nickname Dom is very cute. However, I do prefer it without the nickname but whichever way I still like it. For the first time in quite a long time, I'm going to rate this a 10/10 :)

    ○ Ethan: Hm...For some reason, I've never been fond of this name. There's nothing wrong with it; it's masculine and uncommon but I just can't bring myself to like it even the tiniest bit. It really does not appeal to me; I find it rather unattractive and dull. 2/10.

    ○ Silas: I used to like it until I began to watch Hollyoaks (TV show), and Silas was the name of the crazy murderer in it. Ever since, I've never looked at the name the same again. If it weren't for the character, I would like it quite a lot. 4/10.

    ○ Peyton: Not really my cup of tea. It seems rather modern and typical. Not the worst I've seen on here, but I can't say that I like it much. It's just not my style. 1/10.

    ○ Aiden: I really don't like how popular this is. I know so many boys with this name that I get tired of hearing it so often. It's an ordinary, rather boring name; not something I'd think 'wow' at, but still not horrible. 1/10.

    ○ Joshua: Same goes with Joshua. Joshua is one of the most common names where I live, and I know quite a lot of horrible people with this name that unfortunately put me off of it entirely. If it weren't so overused, I might consider to like it. But, as it isn't, it's far from one of my favourites. 1/10.

    ○ Levi: I've always liked this name. I saw it years ago on a children's TV show about Australia and the Outback and I immediately liked it. I like how it looks and how it sounds...Very masculine and strong. I could imagine this aging well. 9/10.

    Girls :

    ○ Kyra: Not bad. I don't have anything against it but it's not one of my favourites. It's pretty and feminine, but...I don't know. It's hard to explain. I don't have any strong emotions towards this name. 3/10.

    ○ Devanie: Not keen on it. Personally, I don't like the way it sounds when I try to say it, which puts me off it a little. It doesn't look very appealing. I don't hate it, but I don't like it. In between, I guess. 1/10.

    ○ Adelleah: I don't really like this one. I prefer the spelling Adelia much more. Adelleah looks very tryndee and childish. Adelia looks more sophisticated and classy. Not the worst I've seen, though. 1/10.

    ○ Gracia: It's alright. It's light and summery, rather pretty, too. However, I don't have any strong feelings for this one either. 2/10.

    ○ Elkin: The 'k' makes the name sound rough and harsh. However, I do like this more than the other names. It has a sort of spark to it that I like; it's unusual and original. 7/10.

    ○ Brooklyn: It's okay. I used to like it, but I don't any more. I've actually come to quite dislike it. Something about it I just find unappealing. (I feel like I keep saying (un)appealing..Heh...Sorry). 2/10.

    ○ Naomi: I actually like this name quite a lot. Where I live, it's quite unusual and I like that. It's very feminine and pretty. I once considered it to be on my favorites list, but I don't really love it as much anymore. 6/10.

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    Boys :




    Peyton -10/10




    I like Ethan the best.

    Girls :








    I like Kyra the best.

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    Dominic: 3/10

    Ethan: 9/10

    Silas: not sure how to pronounce this one..looks kind of strange 1/10

    Peyton: 1/10 don't like it

    Aiden 1/10

    Joshua: 3/10

    Levi: 1/10

    Kyra: 5/10

    Devanie: 1/10

    Adelleah: 1/10

    Gracia: 1/10

    Elkin: 1/10

    Brooklyn: 2/10

    Naomi: 6/10

  • Ok... Let's start at the beginning...


    Dominic - depending on the ethnicity it could be cute, I'm not quite seeing it for a Caucasian or African American but for Hispanic or Greek or other tanned skin possibly

    Ethan - love it! Seems strong, future hero for a novel lol

    Silas - much too old a name for a little boy, is it a family name?

    Peyton - I like it better as a girl's name but with Peyton Manning out there it won't be too confusing

    Aiden - so cute! I never can figure out how to spell it though, every parent spells it differently

    Joshua - my favorite little cousin's name, definitely cute and never gets old

    Levi - adorable, though short conjures up the image of someone intelligent though not geeky


    Kyra - another name that I would associate with a specific ethnicity, cute for a little African American girl, not liking it so much for any other race

    Devanie - definitely unique, never heard it before, it has potential

    Adelleah - another very unique name, not exactly sure how to pronounce it (a-del-e-a?), if so I would spell it Adelia

    Gracia - not liking it at all, I'd stick with Grace or Gracie

    Elkin - for a girl? Maybe for a Caucasian boy but not for a girl

    Brooklyn - so cute! Can definitely see a cute little girl in a Lil' Dolly dress with this one

    Naomi - she will grow into it, the name suits a twenty year old, but she will probably mature faster

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  • 7 years ago

    Dominic 6/10 I think it sounds too feminine.

    Ethan 8/10 This is a very cute name but rising in popularity.

    Silas 10/10 My favorite on the list still pretty unique.

    Peyton 7/10 I like this name better than Dominic but it is still a little too feminine sounding for me.

    Aiden 6/10 Very popular.

    Joshua 8/10 I like this name and it is not as common as it used to be.

    Levi 6/10 i just don't like it

    Kyra 7/10 It just makes me think of Kyra Sedwig and that is it.

    Devanie 8/10 It is unique but may be complicated for people to pronounce.

    Adelleah 3/10 I do not like this name.

    Gracia 2/10 It is just thanks is Spanish without the s at the end.

    Elkin 5/10 Not cute for a girl maybe a boy name though.

    Brooklyn: 8/10 It is my favorite name on the list (along with Devanie)

    Naomi 6/10 I know too many people named Naomi and they all have crap personalities.

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    Boys :

    Dominic: 8/10 I love this name. It's very strong and masculine.

    Ethan: 8/10 It's cute.

    Silas: 9/10 I love this name. It's adorable.

    Peyton: 6/10 It's cute. It's not really my taste.

    Aiden: 8/10 It's very handsome.

    Joshua: 8/10 It's nice and biblical.

    Levi: 7/10 It's nice.

    Girls :

    Kyra: 7/10 It's cute.

    Devanie: 8/10 It's unique.

    Adelleah: 2/10 It's hard to pronounce.

    Gracia: 6/10 It's pretty.

    Elkin: 1/10 It reminds me of Elks.

    Brooklyn: 7/10 It's cute and feminine.

    Naomi: 9/10 This name is gorgeous. I love it.

  • 7 years ago

    -- Dominic -- 10 it's unique & just so cute!

    -- Ethan -- 5 very common & a bit harsh sounding, but over all, not an awful name.

    -- Silas -- 10 very handsome & old fashioned.

    -- Peyton -- 4 rather trendy & i can never decide whether it sound more feminine or masculine.

    -- Aiden -- 9 one of the few trendy names i like, possibly because of the Irish roots.

    -- Joshua -- 7 classy but quite over used.

    -- Levi -- 9 very sweet & uncommon.

    -- Kyra -- 2 don't like the sound of the name, nor the trendy spelling.

    -- Devanie -- 2 quite strange, i'm not 100 percent sure how to say it.

    -- Adelleah -- 3 sounds made up. Adele, Adela, Della, Adelaide, etc. would have been nicer.

    -- Gracia -- 5 not awful, but it looks a bit like a misspelling of the surname Garcia.

    -- Elkin -- 1 sounds very masculine. it would be lovely on a boy.

    -- Brooklyn -- 2 well i live in NYC so i can't see this a person's name.

    -- Naomi -- 4 traditional, which is nice, but it just don't like the sound of it, it's a bit harsh to me.

    some of these names just aren't my style as i like traditional names, but they aren't awful either! i bet all of the children with the names are very cute anyways, which makes up for strange names lol. :)

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    on a scale of 1 (bad) to 5 (good)

    Boys :

    Dominic 2 (nice, but not really my cup of tea)

    Ethan 5

    Silas 2 (I get the literature reference, but this one is a little too old fashioned for me)

    Peyton 5 (cute)

    Aiden 1

    Joshua 5

    Levi 2

    Girls :

    Kyra 1 (I really like the name Kira after seeing The Dark Crystal and the Broadway musical Xanadu, but I probably wouldn't use the name on my own kid)

    Devanie 1

    Adelleah 1 (I like Adele and Leah, but I don't really like

    Gracia 1

    Elkin 1

    Brooklyn 5 (not really big on location names, but I like the name Brooklyn)

    Naomi 4

    Source(s): just my own personal opinions
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    7 years ago


    Dominic-4 sorry don't like it..

    Ethan-9 niice :)

    Silas- I don't know how to pronounce it so I can't rate it

    Peyton- 8I thought this was a girls name 0_0 but it's a nice name for either gender


    Joshua-5 too comman :/

    Levi- ehh 6




    Addeleah-10 I really like this name idk why tho lol

    Gracia- 0

    Elkin- no Sorry I don't like it

    Brooklyn -'8

    Naomi- 8

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    Woman Lenalee- 1. It should simply be Lena Harley- 2. Adorable however no longer slicing it Avery- 8. Lovely Leila- 10 lovely Halaylay- 0 typo? Amethyst- three no longer rather that lovable Addilyn-9 cute Remi- 7 nickname lovely. Really title bad Piper- 10 adorable always cherished this name Reyane- four its ok Boy- Monty- 1 horrible Leif- 1 Leif Erikson? Why now not simply title him that Gage- four- its adorable but not my taste Dalton- 10 so adorable Hoon- 0 ????? Eaton- 2 appears like consume me., Ethan is best Phoenix- 4 i see this more as a girls name Ezekiel- 7 its lovely Justis- four women identify favorites Dalton and Leila and Piper

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