What telescope is better?

This one??

Venus is astronomical telescope with a mirror lens type Newton diameter 76mm, focal length of 700 mm and a maximum aperture of f / 9

The set includes plastic case and the type of Huygens eyepieces with focal length 20 mm, 12.5 mm and 4mm (magnification 35x, 56x and 175x).

The telescope Venus is supplied lens to flip the image, which also multiplies 1.5x magnification.

With the kit eyepieces can be achieved by magnification 53x, 84x and 262x.

For tube diameter is 31.7 mm eyepieces.


RB-60 is astronomical telescope achromatickým Lenticular lens with a diameter of 60mm, focal length 700mm.

The set includes the eyepieces MA-9mm-25mm MA that give 78x and 28x magnification and Barlow lens, which can be achieved by using double magnification - ie 156x and 56x.

For tube diameter is 31.7 mm eyepieces.

They are both about 120 euros or (+-)150 dollars

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    Both of these are terrible telescopes.

    The 75mm telescope might be consider worth (about) 50 euros... at best. And no astronomer would go out of their way to purchase it.

    The 60mm telescope is plain and simple.... a toy. A child's toy that will sort of *look* like a telescope. But a child that tries using it will be severely disappointed.

    A simple pair of 10x50 binoculars (considerably less expensive, and easier to 'learn') will be much better value - being built better, and actually being useful for astronomy.

    Get a subscription to a popular astronomy magazine as well, and you can learn to identify the constellations and planets, even just using your binoculars.

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