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To get a visitors visa for Ghana?

My boyfriend would like to visit us and he's from Ghana


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    For Ghana or From Ghana?

    If he is going from Ghana to the US he has to apply for a tourist visa through the US Embassy in Accra. To qualify he has to prove he in in full time legal employment and has enough money to pay for his trip without any outside assistance. He will be required to provide his past 6-12 months of pay stu s and bank statements to prove his money has been earned legally and deposits into his account are consistent with his salary. He will also need a letter from his employer confirming his title, salary, dates of employment and that they guarantee his job upon his return

    Because he has a gf in the US he has to prove that he is at no risk of overstaying his visa and will not commit marriage fraud by attempting to marry on a tourist visa without going through the K1 visa process. He needs to prove that his ties to Ghana is so strong that there is no way he would attempt to stay in the US

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    you need a visa from the ghanain consulate

    All persons entering Ghana are requested to have a valid certificate of immunization against yellow fever. Travelers may be required to present it at the port of entry in Ghana

    only go if you know this person well and have met before .

    he could not get a visa to see you ,,...

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