Should I Start Alex Green (GB) or William Powell (AZ)? Week 6?

Alex Green seems to have a little more upside because he will get whatever carries that GB uses, but they don't run very often. Not to mention he's going against a stout Texan's D and GB will most likely be playing catchup through the game...

William Powell on the other hand will get carries against a porous Bills D, but he will split them with Stephens Howling...

Fantasy tells me to start Green, but my league projects Powell to get 10 points as opposed to Green's 6.

What do you guys think?

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  • 7 years ago
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    That's because you're forgetting about James Starks. If healthy, he may even take the majority of snaps for Green Bay.

    If Starks looks to be out, i'd go with Alex Green because he will take most of snaps. If Starks is not out, I would go with Powell or maybe even Howling instead. The Texans D is not one you want to be facing.

    League projections should not be used to insert or remove players. You need to follow the players throughout the week to be knowledgeable of who to play.

    Source(s): I spend 12 hours every sunday in a room with everyone who is in my FFL.
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  • 7 years ago

    Green -- the Texans were revealed to have some cracks in this "monster" defense in a winnable game for the Jets, which will be exploited by GB in what could be a shoot-out in the air & on the ground.

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  • 3 years ago

    Are you waivers in accordance with standings or chronic rolling checklist? If that's a rolling checklist, i could in no way provide up the #a million spot for the two of those adult males. the situation is far too murky, and there's a third guy on each team making it much extra murky - Kuhn for the p.c.. and Smith for the enjoying cards. If waivers are in accordance with standings and you have the bench area, i think of Powell has the main upside.

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