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How to keep cats away from my birds....?

I have a lovely large covered back porch with 2 quite large outdoor cages (10 budgies). I have been living here for a few years and never ever had trouble with cats, as there don't seem to be any around here. Then a few weeks ago we got new neighbours and of course, they have cats. I hear the cats prowling around on my back porch at night, banging around,squealing and fighting. So I am worried that this is going to cause havoc with my birds.

Dont get me wrong - I like cats and certainly dont want to hurt them, so was wondering if anybody knew of a way to keep them away. I dont want to say anything to the neighbours, they are entitled to their cats and it is quite normal for cats to wander - But what can I do ???

The cages are too large and heavy for me to bring in inside every night, so that is not an option.

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    Go to efowl.com, they have a device with little red lights that look like the eyes of a predator, put this near the area where you dont want the cats, it should keep them away.

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    Can you cover the cages? It may help the birds be less stressed if they are unable to see the cats. Perhaps a motion light would also deter the cats from coming onto the porch. You could speak with your neighbours, and see if they are willing to keep the cats in at night, or consider smaller night time cages to bring them in. I just know you'd be devastated should the cats successfully break into your cages. Your new neighbours may also be willing to have their cats wear a "bib" when outside. The bib inhibits their ability to pounce, and has saved many birds. :)

    I love cats as well, however they are an invasive species and cause havoc with the wild birds of the world. Cats are long living, untrainable, and will kill and eat any bird they can lay their claws upon. Even fat, well fed, constantly pampered cats will kill.

    Source(s): birder, cat owner.
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    put up sensor lights or install a sprinkler this system goes off with a fine mist that hits the intruder when they become to close to your home or bird area simple might have to look up mister systems for such and hope this will help you with your cats ,,Cats hate water............................Plus this is NOT harmful to the cats at all only the pride a tad wet LOL LOL

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