Poll : Are not muslims going against Allah when you comply with less stringent criminal law of India ?

still pressing for polygamy and other civil laws? is that not a disrespect to Quran. Why are you not making an agitation for applying your criminal law for Muslims in India ? so next time if a muslim steals his hand should be cut ...agreed? when we contend that polygamy should be abolished muslims say that it would be disrespecting Quran and Allah..Why is not complying with islamic criminal law not a disrespect to Allah?


if hindu robs a muslim hindu law would apply.....i had thought about it earlier.

Update 2:

bearing false witness....few muslims do that by touching Quran....what is wrong if law is lenient to hindu ...this is what you ask for...

Update 3:

India is a secular nations and it has its specific laws ...those who cannot abide by it and following different laws for their own convenience is at fault....

Update 4:

Mogotsi ....what i said majority of the people's view point.....whole world except some muslims are stupid?

None of them gave me a convincing answer i will ask the question again.....i am not a hindu

Update 5:

Check out Mogotsi ...he has this particular sentence as answer on every question....

Update 6:

my core question is not being answered , so muslims can bend the Quran if it is not convenient to follow ? that is what i understand from answer i got

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    First of all do your homework and figure out the difference between "personal law" and "criminal law"! I leave it upto you.

    1)The Criminal Law should be the same for all people:-

    In any country, the criminal law unlike the Personal Law cannot be different for different groups of people. It has to be same for all people of different groups and different religions e.g. In Islam if a person robs, his hands are chopped off. This punishment is not prescribed in Hinduism. If a Hindu robs a Muslim, what would be the robber’s punishment? The Muslim would want the hands of the robber to be chopped, while the Hindu Law would not agree.

    2) The Muslims in India alone cannot separately follow the Islamic Criminal Law without involving the Non- Muslims :-

    Even if a Muslim agrees, that as far as he commits a crime he should be given the punishment according to Islamic Criminal Law, it would not be practical. In case an allegation is made against a Muslim for robbery and if the witnesses are Non-Muslims, and if each one follows his own Criminal Law, the punishment in Islam for bearing false witness is 80 lashes, whereas in the Indian Criminal Law, a person giving false witness can easily escape. Thus, for a Non-Muslim to falsely accuse a Muslim of any crime is very easy, if both follow their own criminal law. However, if both follow the Indian Law where the punishment is lenient for false witnesses and robbers, it will encourage both the robber

    to rob as well as encourage the witnesses to give false witness for their own benefit.

    3) The Muslims in India would prefer the Islamic Criminal Law to be implemented on all Indians:- We Muslims would prefer that in India the Islamic Criminal Law be implemented on all the Indians, since, chopping the hands of a thief will surely reduce the rate of robbery in India. Similarly, 80 lashes for giving false testimony will prevent a person from giving false witness.

    4) Islamic Criminal Law is Most Practical:- Islam besides pointing out a crime, it also gives you a solution showing how to prevent the crime e.g. chopping the hands of a robber, death penalty for the rapist. The punishment is so severe that it is a deterrent for the criminal to commit the crime. He will think a hundred times before committing a crime.

    Thus if crime has to be reduced or stopped in India the best solution is to implement ‘The Common Islamic Criminal Law’.

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  • 8 years ago

    Everybody has a right to be stupid but you abuse the privilege.

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