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I-20 過期問題


他在美國留學 但是他在06/30/12 I-20過期 而他也跟學校說不繼續念了 但是現在是10/10/12 我知道I-20 失效後只能待2個月 那像我朋友這樣 他已經待4個月了 是不是黑掉了 而且他是中國人 他還要回國再重新申請面簽 這樣是不是100%不能來了?'

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    The situation is even worse - He would need to leave the U.S. in 30 days (not 60 days - 60 days is for those who complete the program).

    He is a done deal for sure.

    1. The U.S. policy to Chinese Mainlander are very strict due to the actual behavior of the Mainlander in term of abusing the system.

    2. A less-than-6-month-out-of-status is interpreted as a 3-year ban.

    3. Since he is a Mainlande, there is almost impossible no way in the future that he can step his foot into the U.S.

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    豬頭了。 不念還留

  • Anonymous
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    沒希望了.... 據我所知,中國的學生簽證是一年一簽,更麻煩。

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