Hebrew translation: English - Hebrew (Short phrase)?

How would you say:

"May your prayers be answered"

In Hebrew.

Please abstain from using online translators. Only Hebrew speakers.

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    7 years ago
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    Spoken to a female: מי ייתן ותפילותייך ייענו - mee yi-TEN oo-teh-FEE-loh-TAH-yikh yeh-a-NOO

    Spoken to a male: מי ייתן ותפילותיך ייענו - mee yi-TEN oo-teh-FEE-loh-TEI-kha yeh-a-NOO

    Spoken to females: מי ייתן ותפילותיכן ייענו - mee yi-TEN oo-teh-FEE-loh-TEI-khen yeh-a-NOO

    Spoken to males/mixed group: מי ייתן ותפילותיכם ייענו - mee yi-TEN oo-teh-FEE-loh-TEI-khem yeh-a-NOO

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