If your favorite characters, celebrities, writers, & icons were in college in 2012, what would their major be?

Since school has been back in session for a while now, I thought our imaginations could use a recess to run free and have fun. If this isn't of interest to you, then please just skip the question.

Imagine your favorite literary, film, and television characters were college-aged and living in 2012, and think about what they would be like. If Emma Woodhouse, Hermione Granger, Don Quixote, and Stephen Dedalus were in college today, what would they major in? How about John Adams, Jane Austen, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, and other prominent historical figures and writers of the past? If they lived today, how different would their ambitions be? If Madonna was 18 now, do you think she'd be the same as she was in her own youth? (You don't have to actually answer these questions; I'm just using them as examples!)

Bonus Questions (answer as many or as few as you wish):

1. If you had the opportunity to choose one of your favorite characters, celebrities, writers, or icons as your college roommate / suite mate, who would you pick? Feel free to choose someone of the opposite gender as you; my college and several others now have gender-neutral housing policies. : )

2. Who would you love to have as a professor?

3. What sort of on-campus activities would your favorites participate in?

4. Current students, are you on fall break now?


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  • 7 years ago
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    This is such a fun question! I'll choose William Shakespeare, Anne Boleyn, Pi Patel, and Anne Frank.

    → William Shakespeare: The obvious answer for him would be a theater or creative writing major. But I also think that he might be interested in a religious study major. Religion has changed in the last five hundred years and, since he is an INFP personality, he probably would enjoy learning about world religions and visiting various places of worship. He was a quiet and mysterious man, so I think this would fit him.

    → Anne Boleyn: I could see Anne pursuing a liberal arts major today. She was extremely well rounded and knowledgeable in everything from religion to fashion. Her ambition would lead her to taking as many classes and extracurricular activities as possible. She might study political science one hour, and then have ballroom dance lessons the next. Her education would be intense and vigorous.

    → Pi Patel (from Life of Pi): Pi Patel is very spiritual, so I could see him taking philosophy and religion classes with William Shakespeare. He also strikes me as a character who would be interested in a science major, so maybe he'd study marine biology as well (oh, the irony) or explore the Amazon. He would want his educational experience to broaden himself, both spiritually and mentally.

    → Anne Frank: With her wit, kindness, and extrovert personality, I think Anne would be perfect as a comedienne/actress or a child psychologist. I could see her studying theater and having a career similar to Lucille Ball's or Betty White's, becoming a revered icon (although, she already is). I could also see her studying psychology to become a therapist for children. Her warmth and compassion would help her young patients grow. Either way, she would definitely have a positive impact on the world.

    » Bonus Questions «

    » Anne Boleyn would be a fun roommate. With her, I think I would have an exciting college adventure but still keep up with my classes. I also wouldn't mind Tom Hiddleston (he's my future hubs), Weetzie Bat from the Dangerous Angels series, Emma Watson, Emma Stone, or Catherine Middleton as roommates. They all seem like fun-loving, thoughtful, and supportive people to have around.

    » Albert Einstein!! I would actually look forward to science/math classes if he were the professor. William Shakespeare would be the perfect English teacher and having Mohammad, Jesus, and Buddha all teach religion... talk about enlightenment.

    » Shakespeare would be in the theater troupe, maybe chess club too. Anne Boleyn would participate in a sorority and probably ten other activities. Pi Patel would be a member of the Buddhist Club, the Muslim Club, the Christian Club, maybe even the Atheist club, too. Anne Frank would also be in a sorority and member of an environmentalist club, along with various volunteer jobs.

    » Haha... I'm homeschooled. No break for me.


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  • 7 years ago


    If the characters from How To Eat Fried Worms were actually allowed to attend a college, you know which kind it would be.

    Inevitably, their classes would include Organic Farming, World Food Habits and, hopefully, Sanitation.

    Never mind declaring a major; that's if somebody actually has a chance of graduating which, given guest lecturers like Giada DeLaurentiis and Emeril Lagasse, would seem a bit less likely than it might.

    Without going too deeply into the details, I'll just guess their on-campus activities would largely result in summonses and/or visits from the Health Department and/or Homeland Security.

    But never mind them. I think that most of the historical figures we consider limited by their times and their technologies would probably reach the same conclusions now as they did then, the difference being that the day-to-day freedoms they lacked before would allow an even greater perspective on life and the nature of humans and society and far better abilities to say what they need to say.

    I have about five feet from me a biography of Alice Sheldon who, for many years, passed as James Tiptree Jr. while publishing science fiction and corresponding with many people, including some of the greatest writers of the genre who, until she was 61, never knew.

    To put it mildly, this is an amazingly informative tale of gender roles and societal boundaries, of basic assumptions and limitations placed on those who have to endure them.

    Source(s): James Tiptree, Jr. The Double life Of Alice B. Sheldon by Julie Phillips.
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  • 4 years ago

    Hi there, Madeleine! I rather do must see In Bruges. Edward D wood Jr in Ed wooden Denise in Goodbye Lenin Friedrich in Inglourious Basterds Johnny Fontane in the Godfather Guido in eight half of the kids from tremendous 8 Dirk Diggler in Boogie Nights (if you wish to recall porn as film) BQ: Ed wood meets Orson Welles in Ed wooden BQ2: i haven't obvious that many, but i love Spider-Man 2 BQ3: i am listening to Panzer Batallion via Sabaton correct now Have a great day!

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  • 7 years ago

    I know one thing for "certain" : PG Wodehouse characters, the more enterprising ones, would be rushing to take refresher courses in English language while the more lazy, indolent ones would be moaning the newfangled brevity & symbolism (alphanumeric words, emoticons, ...) of texting English & would perhaps just lie back & "Ask Jeeves" to transcribe :-D

    Don Quixote would probably become an apprentice to one of our highly "playful" celebs [eg. Charlie Sheen as in Charlie Harper of 'Two and a half men" ; it would be so much easier & effective to learn by example than to slog out the theoretics in any college course.

    Jane Eyre would take a few courses in prosthetic surgery, make-up, etc. to fulfil her desire of looking pretty, with well-formed, symmetrical features. She would use her self as a lab guinea pig/mice to work out the changes, after having learned to do them on a virtual model.

    Haha.... fun Q with tons of scope for thought !

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