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My mom never pays for her bus rides?

I live in New York, and every morning to get to work and school, my mother and I take one of the command buses from Brooklyn to Manhattan. We get up extra early to walk to the very first stop and are the only ones who gets on there. She's known the bus driver for a while, and NEVER pays for our rides. The cost for one rider is $5.50, so I can understand why she wouldn't want to pay, but I'm pretty sure that by law she has to. Whenever I ask her, she says that they have some kind of agreement where she sits in the first seat and she doesn't have to pay (trust me, there are no sexual favors going on if that's what you're thinking). I know, that's confusing but she refuses to tell me why. The big thing is that she works with law enforcement (she's not a cop but works in a precent) and should have a strong sense to follow the law. But every morning it's the same thing: Getting to the first stop and never paying unless someone else is there. Any ideas what might be going on and what the consequences would be if she were to get caught?

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    8 years ago
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    They could be just good friends - it does happen. There is a man in my church who is a bus driver in my city and whenever he is driving the bus I am on, he nonchalantly covers the fare box with his hand so I don't have to pay - and no one else notices I don't pay. Believe me there is nothing going on between us - we are just friends and he is happily married.

    It is technically illegal, but most of the fares for the bus go towards the driver's salaries anyway, so if he is letting your mother ride for free, the money is technically out of his pay.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    shes most likely sleeping with him. lol to be honest she cant just not pay for no reason.. something is going on and shes not going to tell you about it

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