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Pledis Entertainment Global Audition?

On September 11th, 2012 I sent in my application and today I received an email from Pledis Entertainment but wasn't really an reply.

This was the email :

안녕하세요. PLEDIS 캐스팅팀입니다.


10월 14일(일) 샌프란시스코에서 진행되는 PLEDIS 미주 오디션 [2012 PLEDIS GLOBAL(Asian-American) Audition] 에서 저희와 함께 할 현지 STAFF 2분을 모집합니다.

We are recruiting two local staffs who will work with us for 2012 PLEDIS Global (Asian-American) Audition holds in San Francisco from 14th Sunday October.

1. 일 정 : 10월 14일(일) A9 ~ P8

Schedule: 10/14(SUN) A9 ~ P8

2. 급 여 : 추후 협의

Payment: noticed individually later

3. 접수기간 : 2012년 10월 8일(월) ~ 10월 11일(목)

Online Registration Period: 10/8(MON) ~ 10/11(THU)

4. 접수방법 : E-mail 접수


기재 후을 통해 접수

Profile[Name, Date of Birth, Gender, School, Nationality, Phone number, career, foreign resident period] fill the items and submit completed application to or

5. 지원자격 : 1970년생 ~ 1993년생 한인 남,여 / 운전필수, 차량소지자

Eligibility: South Korean, no gender restriction, born in 1970~1993 / driver license required, car owner

미래의 K-POP 스타를 선발하는 열정적인 현장에서 책임감 있고 성실하게 일할 분을 기다립니다.

많은 지원 부탁드립니다. 감사합니다.

We are waiting faithful and responsible person work in the passionate scene where the future K-POP stars are selected.

Please many applications are expected. Thank you.

So does this mean I'm still allowed to audition for there upcoming audition this week Sunday or am I not aloud to since I haven't really gotten a reply.

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    I think this e-mail from Pledis is an ad, and that they're looking for staff for their Global Auditions in San Francisco... so i think you have to wait longer for the audition reply...


    best of luck!

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