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Joint US Citizenship?

Ok, I have heard that it is not possible to hold dual citizenship between the US and another country. However I have ALSO been reading about certain Celebrities and it says "X holds dual citizenship with the US and Country Y".

How is this possible? Assuming it IS true that the US do not allow dual citizenship (which I have heard is the case), how can these people possibly have dual citizenship? IS it true that the US does not allow dual citizenship?

Please show the sources of your answer.

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    The U.S. does not object to multiple citizenship; they US just doesn't recognize it.

    What that means is that for the U.S. a U.S. citizen is only a U.S. citizen. Whatever this U.S. citizen has going with other governments is of no concern to the U.S.

    Consequently, a U.S. citizen is always required to exit and to enter the U.S. with their U.S. passport.

    In contrast, Canada does recognize multiple citizenship. So somebody who has U.S. and Canadian citizenship can exclusively travel with their U.S. passport, doesn't ever need a Canadian one, but it doesn't work the other way around.

    Countries that do not allow its citizens to hold another citizenship are Norway, Denmark, the Ukraine, Japan, China, and quite a few others. So if a citizen of such a country were to become a U.S. citizen, the "old" citizenship would be lost at the same time.

    If a U.S. citizen were to become a citizen of such country, part of the naturalization process would be to formally renounce their U.S. citizenship.

    So the secret to multiple citizenship is that all the countries involved play along. The U.S. does play along, requires an Oath of Allegiance from naturalized U.S. citizens, but does not require them to renounce their former citizenship(s) in the process.

    Source(s): An immigrant of German and Swedish decent, I am an attorney and reside in the charming old mission town of San Buenaventura, California.
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    when you heard that it is not possible, the person who told you so was wrong.

    Mind you, there are countries which do not allow dual citizenship at all. Then you couldn't have dual citizenship with the US because of the law of the other country. You couldn't really have US and Indian citizenship, but that's because India, not the US doesn't allow it.

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    The US does *allow* dual citizenship, but it doesn't *recognize* dual citizenship. This means it's entirely possible to have US citizenship and another countries' citizenship, but the latter part doesn't matter to the US government. To the government, you are either a US citizen or you are not, and any other citizenships you may hold are irrelevant. For example, US citizens are required to use their American passports to enter and leave the US, so a dual American/Canadian citizen can't use their Canadian passport to get into the US.

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