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What are some types of Masters degrees or jobs I can get w/ a BSN?

I want to know what administrative jobs (that pay well) and/or what types of Masters or Doctorate degrees I can get with a BSN (Bachelor's of Science in Nursing).

I don't think I want to go back to school to be a NP or a CRNA, I want to know what my other options are, Thanks!

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    You can get a lot of Master's degrees. NOTE- you do NOT have to get a Master's degree in the same subject as a bachelor's degree. Obviously, you probably won't be well prepared to get a Master's in Astrophysics, but there are a lot of subject areas that you can put your nursing know-how towards

    I would consider getting an MBA in Healthcare.

    Other ideas:

    -MBA in pharmaceutical management

    -Master's of Social Work (pay is very low for this one)

    -Masters in Clinical Research

    -Masters in Healthcare Ethics

    -Master's in Healthcare Administration

    -Masters in Genetic Counsoling

    -Masters in Public Health

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    Ring0Rosie listed some good non-nursing options.

    If you don't want to be an NP or CRNA, there are still MSN degrees/jobs you can get if you choose to stick to nursing programs. You could become a Clinical Nurse Specialist (work in research, developing facility policies and procedures, usually involves no or very little patient care), get a degree in nursing Leadership and Administration (for management / executive positions), Nurse Educator (teach at college level or in a facility doing RN new-hire training and continuing education). There are also still generic MSN degrees where you can sort of tailor your focus to a particular interest area, without earning extra credentialing like NP or CRNA or CNS. For example, I know a nurse who was very interested in infection control, and did her MSN with a focus on that, and now does consulting work privately for many hospital systems in our region, helping them develop infection control policies, doing research, etc.

    Source(s): RN, current MSN student for Women's Health Nurse Practitioner
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    Article describing nursing job descriptions and specialties,from BSN degree programs and start nursing jobs right away become.There are different types of jobs a nurse with a BSN can pursue.

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    1.In England there are four branches to prefer from. Child Nursing, which i am taking, grownup nursing, intellectual health and studying disability. In England nurses are specialised of their training however our 3 years in nursing tuition is foundation and general however we department out into our one of a kind fields of nursing. We additionally get sanatorium placements on distinct wards to get the entire expertise. 2. To get into nursing tuition? You need a mininium of 5 C's and above, together with english, maths and science. To your a-phases you'll need straight B's and it doesn't matter what a-degree subjects you be taught as long as you get the grades. The satisfactory a-phases to take are: human biology, maths, chemistry, pscyhology, sociology, well being and social care & child progress (handiest if you wish to do little one nursing). That you could also do a BTEC in science, child care (simplest if you wish to do youngster nursing) or wellness & social care. Which you can also do an entry to nursing course. 3. 3 years and you graduate with a B.S (Bachelor's of Science) in nursing. Some individuals do four years as they're both doing a foundation course or doing a dual direction like youngster & adult nursing or mental wellbeing & adult. 4. In England we wouldn't have this. You are not able to emerge as a nurse except you have a tuition measure and also you have to graduate with honours (1st, 2:1, 2:2 or a 3 AKA a go). For those who do not pass the theory side of matters which is the academic and you don't also go the sensible then you definately are not able to graduate. If you gain knowledge of for a diploma in nursing then you can't grow to be a nurse unless you do the top up measure or you ought to re-instruct if you are already a RN. RN's make £25, 000 in London but after tax they get around £23, 000. Anywhere else in England they get £18, 000 - £21, 000 however this goes up each 12 months by way of £1, 000 and also you do get perks of being a nurse like 1/2 cost of wellness care and dentistry. Additionally, you get extra money whilst you specialise and become sisters, and do additional coaching & levels. 5. In England nursing could be very hard to get into and now they are watching to take extra humans who've experience. Now to be a nurse you have got to do 1 12 months coaching in a hospital as a wellbeing care assistant (nurses' support) after which observe to nursing college. I used to be a sanatorium volunteer for 1 12 months after which I emerge as a health care assistant whilst learning. I do endorse you do some volunteering so you will be in a position to make sure nursing is the proper track for you, and also you get first hand expertise. We would not have a variety of time for a job or to do volunteering. 6. There are so many to record. To call just a few: group nursing, district nurses, GP nurses, university nurses, nurse practioners and prescribers, nurse consultants, specialised nurses, sisters and managers. There are some nurses who do additional coaching and then end up specialised to at least one ward like neonatal nurses, nurses who help medical professionals diagnose what's flawed with the patients, nurses who can name time of the demise of a sufferer, nurses who listen to chests and aid to examine the patients, and nurses who can put in cannulas and suturing. Sisters and ward managers. There's quite a bit. 7. It does take some time out of your private lifestyles however not that much. In case you are organised, you manage your time accurately, you work rough and you are making the trouble to have a personal existence then there is no intent why your individual existence must suffer. I learn and work hard, and also have a job however I make an effort to go out with my neighbors and boyfriend. Noted that in many instances i am worn out and my body feels terrible, however I do make the effort and i am used to it. Eight. I'm at university 5 days a week and nearly all of my weekend is made of working or studying after which going out within the evening. If you end up on placement or if you end up working as an RN, it can be tough to make plans until you are a district or community nurse, as you may have one of a kind schedules and distinct shift patterns, so a week is exclusive. You generally work 3 days per week 12 hour shifts or four days every week with 12 hour shifts and then the 4th day is 1/2 a day. You additionally do 2 weeks of nights and a couple of weeks of day, and as a minimum 2 weekends in a month. Should you do district or community nursing you've got the weekends off and no nights except you are on call and you have a suite time off, so it is simpler to make plans. 9. I study on the tuition of Nottingham. I chose it on account that it can be a first rate institution, some of the fine within the country and on this planet. Has a excellent fame for nursing, the campus is lovely, we get to go abroad and that i wanted to maneuver away 10. I like serving to others and making a change in their lives, and seeing a child get better is so lovely. I do not like dealing with deaths and a few people inside the staff are annoying. Good good fortune xoxo

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