Is Zillow up to date ?

I see homes for sale on Zillow which are not on MLS. This is in Moreno Valley, CA (near Riverside, CA) How does Zillow know whats for sale ?

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  • Matt
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    8 years ago
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    Zillow is not as up to date as MLS. I don't know if people can list homes on Zillow independently, but MLS get new listing faster and drops sold homes quicker.

  • I would not trust Zillow for accurate information. Consider it to be in "extended beta" testing. It's a possible starting point, but is NOT all that accurate. There's a new subdivision going in near where I live that has about 30 houses for sale at any given moment, and Zillow does not even show the roads which were built well over a year ago. Every property for sale is listed in the local MLS, and the MLS maps are up to date.

  • 8 years ago

    No. Not at all. Everytime I found a house on zillow it was already sold. I agree with answerer 1. MLS is better. If its not on MLS and it says MAKE ME MOVE on Zillow then it may be available. For Sale by Owner is on Zillow but people never take them down once its been sold.

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